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The angular experts of ThinkMobiles are one of the best on the market. We developed angularjs apps almost since 2015. Our professionals recognize the true power of different frameworks, such as AngularJS. And they use it to the full extent to build apps with rich features yet fast and scalable.

Our previous projects are well-structured and interactive data-driven web applications and cross-platform mobile apps developed using AngularJS. If you hire angular js developer, you will get best practices in project development. The main area of expertise of ThinkMobiles AngularJS development services and consulting – to build innovative interfaces & creative single page web apps.

What is AngularJS

AngularJS is a powerful structural framework from Google that was made for dynamic web apps. It is ideal to build high-performance web applications of any scale and keeping them easy and cheap to maintain.

Web apps written in AngularJS are compatible with every browser – wide access range for our client.

Angular’s dependency injections and two-way data binding eliminate a good chunk of code developers have to write, as a result – the client gets his finished application faster.

AngularJS allows design changes during the development. The look and feel of the app can be changed without breaking the functionality. The client can control the look and feel of a web app on every stage.


Here is why our developers choose AngularJS:

  • Popular – over 2 million developers worldwide
  • Powerful – model view approach and data binding
  • Open source – easy to solve any problem
  • Scalable – able to create applications for any audience
  • Easy to test – fewer bugs and faster QA

AngularJS features that allow us to create amazing apps for you:

  •    Reusable HTML components
  •    REST friendly application framework
  •    Model View Controller pattern
  •    Supports the end to end testing
  •    Support for two-way data bindings
  •    Web templates are written in HTML
  •    DOM elements can have unique behavior thanks to the directives
  •    Efficient way of resolving dependencies with injections

Why Business Needs Angular.JS Development

  •    Create apps and websites more quickly and with less effort
  •    Easy maintain web and apps
  •    Improve testability of your product
  •    Get real-time updates on data

Best practices from us

  •    Understand client specification and Creating a prototype
  •    Take control on every stage
  •    Design, build and deploy your AngularJS app.
  •    Create test cases and QA
  •    Support, maintain and upscale your current JavaScript application

AngularJS usage:

  •    Data Analysis Tools
  •    Content Management Tools
  •    Interactive Dashboards
  •    Custom Widgets
  •    Learning Platforms
  •    Automation and Analytics tools.
  •    Real-Time & Interactive Maps
  •    Location-Based Apps
  •    Custom Projects of Any Scope and Size
  •    Learning Platforms
  •    Location Apps
  •    Plugin Development Tool
  •    Music & Video Streaming Apps
  •    Social platforms and Interactive Apps
  •    Theme Generators and Text Editors
  •    E-commerce Stores and Marketplaces

The development process – ThinkMobiles AngularJS development team will:

  •    Explore your requirements
  •    Build a web app according to your wishes
  •    Optimize your app for maximum performance


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