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  • Yeppar is Augmented Reality App providing AR technology in education system to improve learners experience, by using yeppar user can get the benefits of augmented reality in education by saving lots of physical material used in practical education altogether they can get latest information on a particular topic through AR technology.

  • Highlight your menu items of your restaurant by allowing customers to see live demo of their recipe and the preparation of it. It will definitely push the curiosity in customer's mind to enjoy more and what they want to order. Using Yeppar restaurant application, get a free demo now.

  • SODEA is focusing on the village administration system. This fantastic product produced by the best digital agency Indonesia, which in Bahasa Indonesia means (Software Desa Arfadia, in English it is the same with Arfadia Village Software), provides several advantages services and system that can be used by the governor to improve village development through many fields.

  • This software is especially designed for students. By using the software, it is hoped that all of the students can learn their subjects in more practical and simpler ways. The software also makes it possible for the pupils to find and store the learning subjects they need. SIDIA can expand students' knowledge and knowledge according to the applicable SD / SMP / SMU / SMK curriculums.

    SIDIA has more value on complete material in the form of interactive multimedia and instructional videos that are adapted to the Primary School / Elementary School Basic Curriculum.

    SIDIA is very easy to use both by Teachers, Students and Library / School Administration. SIDIA can add, change, delete content, multimedia, books, videos and questions / quizzes.

    SIDIA also serves to store and organize E-Book software and can be downloaded for free in various forms of file type, Can and easily edited in accordance with the wishes of users in storing E-Book.

    SIDIA is also an E-Library Application or Library Management that is easy to develop to support library management, Comes with new administration procurement planning features, dynamic document classification at least library classification system in general, Master document classification that can be tailored to the needs of each school among others, the setting of documents that can set the profile of each document such as can not, fine, late borrowing / borrowing limits, Having access settings with administrator classification, librarians, leaders, guests and members of each type of user have different access menus;

    SIDIA supports barkode and can print own barkode code for books. Equipped with abstraction function and book image visualization. Equipped with Document Attribute features start location book abstraction, ISBN code book, etc. which can be dynamically added to each document. Equipped with features to provide information on the number of outstanding document collections outside;

    SIDIA is also equipped with applications that can print student library cards. Equipped with features to provide reports of favorite books, book maturity, status; and has facilities authoring tools, with features include:
    • Aids for teachers to create multimedia-based electronic school books;
    • Integrated can accommodate text, images, audio, video, animation, tables, integrative diagrams, shapes, buttons, checkboxes, image galleries and animations;
    • Preview feature that can be used as a presentation tool;
    • Have a collection of clip-art;
    • Unlimited page additions feature.

  • Easy Data Entry, Data Selection. No Pen-Paper entry required.
    Sales team can efficiently access and manage the information relating to
    their customer and the product.
    Real time retrieval and updating of information provides correct
    information at the right time as and when required.
    Increased Productivity
    Reduce duplicity and errors
    Real time location tracking
    Reduced sales call cost
    Tracks fake orders
    Payment collection information on real time basis
    Schemes and Discounts automatically passed to the customer
    In depth analysis
    Sales team tracking while they are on move
    Helps in planning and forecasting

  • EasyAR SDK is an Augmented Reality Engine, making AR easier and possible everywhere!

  • Wikitude's all-in-one augmented reality SDK combines Instant Tracking technology (SLAM), Object Recognition and Tracking, top-notch Image Recognition and Tracking and Geo-location AR for mobile, tablets and smart glasses. The engine covers cross-platform AR experiences: native and javascript for both iOS and Android, with available Unity, Cordova, Titanium and Xamarin extension.

  • Vuforia is the AR Platform of PTC, Inc., bringing together market-leading Augmented Reality expertise with over 30 years of enterprise technology solutions to help companies unlock the value of AR in manufacturing, service, operations and design.
    Today, the Vuforia family includes three key offerings:
    Vuforia Engine – develop custom AR applications across platforms
    Vuforia Studio – easily author & deploy scalable AR experiences
    Vuforia Chalk – reduce service time & cost with mobile remote assistance
    Since 2011, Vuforia technology has been adopted by a global ecosystem of more than 425,000 developers and partners. Vuforia has enabled more than 50,000 applications for consumer and business use on a range of handheld and headworn devices.

  • Kalipso Studio is a mobile application generator that enables users to program their own apps without having to deal with complex coding. The platform has a special focus on creating apps designed for mobile activity. It can be deployed to five main operative systems: Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Windows 10, Android, and iOS. The V4.1 of Kalipso now allows iOS deployment too. Kalipso Studio enables users to design and create professional apps for the major operating systems and devices without having to purchase extra software or licenses. With it, creating apps becomes easier and faster, which means deployment and implementation is immediate. No coding required, which equates to faster development and increased ROI.