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About Advanced Driver Updater

Advanced Driver Updater is an easy-to-use utility that scans your system for outdated drivers, and updates them for peak performance.

✓ Advanced Driver Updater

Your computer will run faster - much faster - if you have the latest drivers installed. Drivers are the software that allow Windows to communicate with your computer's hardware. Updated display drivers allow you to access all of your screen's features. Updated audio and graphics drivers let you work with your computer's high-end music and video features. Advanced Driver Updater finds the latest drivers on the Internet, and installs them on your computer. A few simple clicks and you're done. advanced-driver-updater

✓ Update Outdated Drivers

Scan, download, and install the latest drivers for your system to enhance overall PC performance. Gain access to all of the features that are built into your computer hardware.

✓ Driver Exclusion List

Sometimes new drivers don't work the way they're supposed to. The Driver Exclusion feature excludes those drivers that may cause system instability due to compatibility issues. On future scans, excluded drivers will not appear in the scan results and will not be updated.

✓ Backup and Restore

You can take a full or selective backup of your PC drivers, and restore them whenever required. With its emphasis on safety, Advanced Driver Updater puts you in control of which drivers are installed on your computer.

✓ Scheduled Driver Scan

Schedule driver scans and updates as frequently as you wish. Hardware manufacturers almost always create new drivers when they release new hardware. And most of them release drivers to fix bugs which they have discovered. Advanced Driver Updater lets you run a one-time update of your drivers, or schedule regular scans and updates.

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Advanced Driver Updater
$39.95 / License
  • Scans your system for out-of-date device drivers
  • Presents a summary of out-of-date drivers
  • Automatically downloads and installs updated drivers in a click
  • Creates a backup of existing drivers before updating
Advanced Driver Updater
$0 / License
  • Scans your system for out-of-date device drivers

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