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About Advantage by JET BI

Advantage has been developed to assist you in faster responding to the market changes. It empowers you with information about the unique advantages of your products or your company itself comparing to the strongest competitors on Opportunity, Account or Product battle cards right in your Salesforce®CRM.

Sales and marketing are often disconnected. With an effective Salesforce® solution provide your team with unified knowledge about the market and its segmentation. Store and track product comparison information in a way it can be leveraged in daily sales process and market research.

Make industry research, identify your strongest competitors for each deal, your unique advantages and your weak points.

Allow AI to help you to see market opportunities and build a successful sales pitch, a new product and marketing strategy. 

Use Advantage and: 

  • Spend less time on research; 
  • Improve efficiency of data analysis; 
  • Get information about products and companies in a reader-friendly format; 
  • Boost your sales due to market awareness, better product positioning and concentration on your target audience; 
  • Discover a free market niche and take it; 
  • Win the market competition. 


  • Make a comparison analysis of competitors’ products with the use of informative battle cards on the Product layout; 
  • Analyze and reveal direct competitors for your company using the battle cards on the Account layout; 
  • Add or hide the competitors easily; 
  • Add an overview or a detailed description of the product/company or its attributes on the battle cards; 
  • Leave comments for your colleagues; 
  • Learn strong and weak points of the products or companies identified by the system; 
  • Segment products or companies based on key attributes; 
  • Use automatically generated dashboards and reports for CEO to get an overview of the market situation and competitors activities; 
  • Customize dashboard panels on your own and save for future; 
  • Consolidate market research information at one place; 
  • Import\export the data from\into your CRM instance; 
  • Integrate Advantage into standard Salesforce® CRM layouts. 

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