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Magento Abandoned Cart Extension by Knowband

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About Magento Abandoned Cart Extension by Knowband

Knowband's Magento abandoned cart extension tracks the abandoned carts and calculates the converted cart value at your store. You can easily capture the hanging sales by following up with the customers regarding their abandoned cart. No coding hassles involved, you can easily implement and configure the Magento abandoned cart alert extension on your own.

Key Highlights

1. Magento abandoned cart extension lets you create custom and multiple abandoned cart rules for re-engaging customers via reminder emails.

2. Using ready-made trigger email templates by Magento abandoned cart notification module, admin can effective remarketing campaigns for their store.  

3. Magento abandoned cart alert extension gives an option to configure the retargeting notifications from the backend.  

4. With Magento abandoned cart module, admin can manually set discount value, coupon validity and reminder time format of the follow-up discount alert emails.  

5. The site merchants can track email marketing campaign efficiency from the graphs and tabular statistics provided at the backend.  

6. With Magento abandoned cart alert extension, admin can also view and manage the abandoned cart lists and converted cart list from the admin section which can be managed as well.  

7. Magento abandoned cart plugin offers compatibility with multiple languages.  

8. Magento abandoned cart module provides a mobile responsive UI which is compatible with mobile and tablet devices.  

9. Magento Shopping Cart Email Alert plugin sets personalized or bulk email reminders for guest and logged-in customers.  

10. Magento abandoned cart plugin can be quickly enabled or disabled on a single click. 

11. The time duration for automatic reminder emails can be fixed with the help of Magento abandoned cart extension by Knowband.  

12. The cron job of Magento abandoned cart email extension automatically updates the abandoner list and sends reminder triggers to cart abandoners.

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Watch video tutorial for Knowband Magento Abandoned Cart

Software type

On-Premise, SaaS

Device type

Android, Web, Windows


Business performance management software, Shopping cart software, Ecommerce software, 360 degree feedback software, 3d architecture software, Accounting software, Ab testing software


English, French, Spanish, Italian


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Magento Abandoned Cart from Knowband

Track cart abandoners of your site and send reminder emails to compel them for completing their pending purchase.

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Pricing model



Knowband Magento Abandoned Cart Extension
$56 / Item
  • Tracks and manages cart abandonment list.
  • Convert cart abandonements into paying leads.
  • Generate analytic report for re-marketing statistics.
  • Eases merchant in analyzing customer's behaviour
  • Configure and send reminders to abandoners
  • Use pre-defined email templates for cart follow-up alerts
  • Multi-lingual Support
  • Mobile Responsive UI

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