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About EpixVR

EpixVR is a full-service extended reality company. We specialize in developing and publishing hyper-engaging content for our clients to send their message across. Harnessing the latest technologies in virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality, we bring a next-level visual experience to audiences of all ages. Through our full immersion within virtual reality, coupled with compelling storytelling and stunning graphics, your vision will be enlivened far beyond your expectations. We are dedicated to promoting your product as much as we promote ourselves. This means that we make it our business to keep up with the latest trends and current events to ensure that your content stays relevant and buzzworthy. Our innovative team is comprised of talents that have won numerous awards in storyboarding, game development, and graphic design. Together, we can make your product and ideas come to life. We aim to be your most powerful thought partner in bringing your imagination to reality.

Number of employees

1-10 employees

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Service lines

  • 5%
  • Custom Software

Custom Software

  • 100%
  • C#

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