Get top augmented development companies in Canada in 2018

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    • Pricing: $0/hr
    • Location: Ukraine
    • Employees: 50-249
    • Founded: 2006
    ABOUT US: Uni-Bit Studio is a solid, reliable company organized by experienced professionals and specialists, who been developing mobile games, applications and supplying qualified specialists to other studios and businesses professionally for over 9 years. Uni-Bit approach is a new way of outsource development, when the only outsource person in the project is Product owner. However, our project managers work and provide guidance and control to the studio based teams of experienced developers. Such set up guarantees our customers high…
    • Pricing: $0/hr
    • Location: Canada
    • Employees: 10-49
    • Founded: 2010
    iQlance is a team of extremely passionate and creative designers, developers and Testers. We strongly believe in culture of developing your passion indulge in your career . we have designers who finds life in your dream and developers who actually bring this life into existence.