Get top virtual reality development companies in United States in 2018

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    • Pricing: $100-149/hr
    • Location: United States
    • Employees: 10-49
    • Founded: 2015
    Groove Jones is a technology company that provides software solutions to entertainment, marketing, health, and training companies to engage with their audiences. It has a client list of numerous Fortune 1,000 companies like Amazon, AT&T, Comcast, HP, IBM, Intel, Mastercard, McDonald’s, Nestle, Samsung, and Under Armour. We are artists, musicians, thinkers, creators, tinkerers, technologists, gamers, strategists, innovators, rebels, developers and most of all, digital fanboys (and fangirls) with a common interest: consistently delivering amazing, effective work for amazing clients. We…
    • Pricing: $0/hr
    • Location: United States
    • Employees: 50-249
    • Founded: 2004
    Founded in 2004, VironIT is a professional and established international software development company.  The company offers services to any firm who looks for the software development: startups, game development companies, SMB and even individuals. It operates in such fields as Banking, Education, eHealth, Gambling, Game Dev, Legal, Logistics, Media & Entertainment, Public Sector, Retail, Sport, Travel & Hospitality and many others. VironIT offers customers a full range of software development services, including mobile applications, web-based products, software solutions for business,…