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Hire ThinkMobiles AR development team and take your business to the next level of interactive experience

With the help of Augmented Reality Apps, you can establish a better connection with your existing customers as well as attract new ones. AR apps offer a new way of communicating with your customers, new ways of presenting your products or service, and establishes a two-way communication channel between your brand and the end users.

What is AR?

AR or Augmented reality is technology commonly used on mobile devices. It modifies or augments the view of the real-world environment. The purpose of AR is to enhance the perception of reality, whereas, in contrast, VR replaces the real world with a simulated one.

Why Must You Have an AR app?  

AR is evolving and getting bigger day by day, according to the studies AR industry will hit $83 million by 2021. The leaders of mobile business are investing in AR, for example during WWDC 2017 Apple announced new Augmented Reality tool that is designed to deliver AR apps to iOS 11, they called it ARkit. This means that they see great potential in AR technology. More reasons to invest in AR app:

  •  12 million AR devices are expected to be sold in 2018
  •  By 2020 103 million automobiles will contain AR technology
  •  30% of smartphone users in mature markets use AR today

The future is here, now! Augmented reality already is being used as a part of the communication strategy by the forward thinking businesses. AR technology improves interactivity and creates engaging experiences for customers.

What Does Augmented Reality Offer?

In simple words, it offers the ability to change a view of reality by augmenting the components present in the environment. By developing Augmented Reality apps, businesses can create a digitally manipulative surrounding which can be overlaid on the real world for their customers.

Which Industries Can Benefit of AR?

Medicine and Healthcare

Augmented reality apps are improving the healthcare industry greatly. There are so much possible use cases of the AR technology. For example, helping nurses to find the veins, displaying the symptoms or internal processes to the patient, showcasing the possible consequences of the procedure and much more.


Everyone knows that kids learn better when they have fun. That is the area where AR shines. AR apps are making the education more enjoyable and interactive for children. Many studies have already shown that the use of augmented reality in the teaching process improves engagement and leads to a better understanding of the subject. Today, when almost every kid has a smartphone, it is highly unproductive to use blackboards, papers, and videos in the education process.


You must remember the phenomenon of Pokemon GO. It was one of the first games to use AR. And there is no way that augmented reality will stop being popular in gaming. Every game has always tried as hard as it was possible to be as immersive as it can be. Today, AR allows game creators to unleash their fantasy and bring stunning worlds and objects to the real world seen through your mobile device.

Real Estate

Real estate business can benefit from AR technology greatly by providing the ability to showcase properties, apartments, and buildings with a 3D perspective. Today, there is no need to look hard into blueprints and imagining the future house, let your device do all the hard work. It is a huge time saver for real estate agents too, they can present a number of objects from their smartphone in a coffee shop.


Today Augmented Reality is used in the automotive industry mainly for advertising. But that is just the tip of the iceberg of the possible ways of using it. In fact, some companies are already expanding their use of AR to a wide variety of purposes like creating digital showrooms to showcase different model variants.


Chances are that you have already encountered AR in retail. Many showrooms and virtual fitting rooms making it so much easier to purchase something, even via the internet. Augmented reality helps business to move customers through the purchase funnel.


Professional use of AR is not well covered in media. But it does have a huge impact on it. There is no denying that any company strives to make the manufacturing process as fast, efficient, safe, and cheap as it can be. That’s the area when augmented reality shines, the ability to process big amounts of visual data in a moment and display it in an accessible way can improve the productivity of manufacturing line workers and quality assurance engineers.

How Can Augmented Reality Enhance The User Experience of Your Mobile App?

If you already have a mobile app ThinkMobiles AR development team can enhance it with AR technology. We can help you to establish an interactive relationship with your customers by offering them a richer user experience. By developing augmented reality apps, you can reinvent your brand and establish an interactive relationship with your customers by offering them a richer user experience. So, allow us, ThinkMobiles AR development team to use our experience and creativity to create an immersive AR mobile app, that will overlay information of any kind on your products and allow your customers to interact with that data in real-time.


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