10 Productivity Apps For Every Entrepreneur

Stay organized, keep track, manage schedules. Get work done on the go. In addition to our previous article on mobile apps to increase work efficiency, here is the top-10 list of productivity apps every entrepreneur should use.

1. Voice Secretary

The app helps to remember to-do lists and everything important without a need to write it down. Simple voice recordings and own reminders, which just saves time. Back-up to computer, Dropbox or iTunes and synchronizing via wi-fi as additional useful features.

2. Pay Anywhere

Great app for those who don’t like carrying cash around. It allows to accept any form of payment for services or products. The app enables sharing a receipt with a customer, and works with a credit card reader. Accepting American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover payments. One of the lowest transaction rate in the industry, 2.69% per swipe.

3. Invoice 2go

Among productivity apps for financial use Invoice 2go is a good option concerning invoices. Creating, saving, and sending professional invoices, within various fields of use – from baby sitters to plumbers. A wide range of invoice templates available, as well as own dashboard. No particular accounting skills needed, which is great too.

4. Online Payroll

With this app entrepreneurs can manage payroll on the move. It helps to create accurate paychecks for employees and contractors, fill tax forms, get timely reminders on upcoming paydays, view past paychecks. What is also nice, is the expert support and data protection.

5. FedEx Office

Yes, FedEx is not only about shipping goods. Downloading FedEx app allows sending documents to a nearby printer.  Nice app that every entrepreneur should use to make business easy. Uploading files from Dropbox, Google Drive or local device is possible. Also tracking the status of a FedEx shipment or finding a FedEx Office location.

6. Scanner Pro

In order not to lose a document or receipt, using this app one can turn photos of documents into a scanned version. It brings the ability to email, text, save documents in the moment, i.e. mobility.

7. Sell on Etsy

Making use of Etsy as a tool to reach customers, Sell on Etsy app makes selling process easier. Having the app on the phone users can upload pictures from mobile devices directly, with no need for a memory card. Сredit card acceptance, shopping activity feed, real-time updates about new purchases, buyer feedback, statistic are the essential functions.

8. Hot Schedules

With it entrepreneurs are able to create all sorts of schedules, including employee schedules, send texts or emails as notifications that the schedule is ready. The app is compatible for use on both smartphone and tablet devices.

9. GoToMeeting

Meetings are one of the key ways of conducting business, and GoToMeeting app is for conducting meetings from anywhere. The aim of app owners is to give a chance to meet with employees or investors freely. Often the right time comes in a coffee shop. So the app is here to join or host a meeting, view presentations and reports, get alerts for upcoming meetings.

10. Microsoft remote desktop

We hope no one says “I’ll get back to the office to check” anymore. Microsoft Remote Desktop app connects the user to desktop for easy access to crucial documents. Recent updates brought a simpler management of remote connections, high quality video and sound streaming with better compression.

If you are hungry for more options, see this list of free productivity apps for Android, or The 100 best organizational apps for iPhone.

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