11 best chatbot apps of 2017 to start using right now

ThinkMobiles Team 10/11/2016

Are you using chatbot apps? It seems like everyone around is talking about them. And it is not a surprise. Chat bots are a new trend of 2016 in the information technology industry. We created a list of best chatbots, that will change your skepticism concerning artificial intelligence.

If you are interested in the topic, you’ve probably already read our previous article on chatbots. If you haven’t – find out more about the hype around the bots here.

Chat bots seem to become the new apps, but much easier and more convenient in usage. It is a program which interacts with the human using artificial intelligence. It can perform different activities like ordering food, booking a flight, telling the weather forecast, giving you recommendations, teaching you a foreign language and so on.

Best chatbot apps to fulfill your everyday tasks

As you can see, chat bot can become your virtual personal assistant.

It can help you to solve many things in just a few seconds by a simple chat with a bot and save your precious time.

Still thinking if you need it? Then let our best chat bots list convince you.

Feel free to use the direct links to download the bots you like!

Prisma chatbot

Are you an avid photographer? Do you like to take pics and use different filters? Then the Prisma chatbot on Telegram is a must-have for you. It is one of the best chat bots for photo editing and has earned its place in our chatbot list. It has a plenty of art filters and stunning photo effects. The bot gives you access to the same options as the Prisma app but doesn’t have the preview function. But it is convenient and easy to use. The Prisma chat bot will turn your everyday photos into real masterpieces.

Andy in English

The best chatbots list will not be full without Andy – your private English teacher. If you want to learn English quickly and with comfort using all the benefits of AI, you don’t need to download any app or visit a bunch of websites anymore. Andy will help you with it. This Telegram chat bot is a perfect choice for everyone who is willing to learn English as a foreign language. It can talk on different topics in English and correct your grammar mistakes. You can chat with a bot whenever you want. A great and helpful tool to learn English!


Fitmeal chatbot

Have you ever dreamed of a personal nutritionist, but thought it is just for Hollywood stars? Fitmeal chat bot is the nutritionist everyone can afford. It is available for Messenger, Telegram and Slack users. With the help of the Fitmeal chatbot, you can keep track of what you are eating. This bot will help you become slimmer and more healthy. All you need is just to text it what you had for breakfast or lunch. In the end, it provides you with the report on your diet. The best chat bot is good for everyone who is sticking to a diet, eating fewer calories and wants to be in good shape.

Joy chatbot

This chat bot helps you to track your mental health. It sends you the questions concerning your mood and your feelings every single day. It also gives you an overall view of your mental health state. It’s a great opportunity to keep your mental health in check. Joy is the right partner to have a chat with when feeling miserable or disappointed. It will suggest you some techniques to fight stress or anxiety when it realizes you don’t feel well.
Joy is among the best talking chatbots, that can replace your personal psychotherapist.

H&M chat bot

H&M chatbot for KIK platform is the personal stylist in your pocket. The bot helps you to build a perfect outfit around one or several pieces of clothing. If you like the outfit, you can buy it immediately in the bot or save it for later. The best chat bot asks questions about your style and preferences to create the looks you will like most.
Totally new shopping experience.

BookFlights chatbot

Have you to travel often and spend a lot of time booking your flight tickets? Now there is the easiest and the fastest way to do this. BookFlight chat bot can do this for you. Available for Messenger, Slack, and Telegram, it will provide you with the best ticket deals. It’s like your secretary on the smartphone.
If you like the fast ways of fulfilling your tasks, this bot will impress you for sure.

Movie chatbot

When you are in a mood to watching a new film, you certainly don’t want to spend a lot of time looking for the best ones. Chat bots can save your time. Movie Bot for Telegram is the fastest and the most convenient way to find an enjoyable movie. You just need to choose the category, and the bot will suggest the movie for you. And in a few seconds, you can enjoy watching it. That’s very simple and quickly.

CNN chat bot

Do you like to know what happens in the world right now? Do you like to be the first to know the fresh news from your region or the world? Now, you don’t need to wait for uploading the website of your favorite news channel. All you need is to chat with a bot of CNN. It provides you with the breaking news from all around the world. Just type what interests you and you will receive the latest posts on the topic. Moreover, the bot remembers your preferences and suggests topics you might be interested.


HealthTap chatbot

Do you need a doctor’s consultation concerning your health state? There is no obligatory to rush to a hospital. You can just install HealthTap and chat with a bot to get the consultation. The bot analyses your request and redirects you to similar questions, which were answered by doctors earlier. To get a personal consultation with the doctor in chat you will have to switch to a paid account. But the free version is still very helpful. A healthtap chat bot is taking care of your health.

Keep in mind, in the case of any serious issues, and it is important to see the doctor personally and get the professional consultation.

T-Rex National Geographic chatbot

National Geographic is known for its stunning pictures of nature. And recently they created one of the best chat bots for kids ever – the talking T-Rex Tina. A great possibility to get to know the dinosaurs world better. Through chat children can ask Tina about different facts from her life on earth, and she will willingly answer. The aim of the bot is to make learning interactive and fascinating. It looks like children will now use the gadgets for the learning purposes with pleasure!

Weather bot

One of the best bots for weather on Telegram. The smart climate bot will get you the accurate forecast for the city you are interested. You will receive the current weather state or the forecast for the coming three or seven days. Moreover, you will be able to set up the language and unit preferences.

With its help you will always be well-informed: whether it will be raining or not, fresh or really hot. With the weather bot you don’t need to take your umbrella with you all the time.


As you see, chatbot can be a great helper in your everyday tasks. And it can save you plenty of time! You don’t need to launch any app or go to your browser. Just text with a bot and receive quick advice! There are a lot of chat bots on popular messengers like Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram and Text Messages. You can choose the one or more chatbots that will benefit you.

Best chat bot makes life easier for everyone. The era of chatbots is coming. It is going to change a lot in the tech world. And we can already watch how bots are altering UX/UI.

Cinema bot design

Also take a look at our design of a cinema chat bot on Dribbble. By the way, you can download the CinemaBot UX for free! Enjoy!

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