Is Your Business Mobile-Friendly? 3 Ways to Improve Customer Experience

A lot of discussion today is revolved around how mobile device adoption is driving demand for mobile-friendly customer experiences. For many mobile devices are the entry point to online world. So why customer-centric is the way to go? And why outperforming companies put customer experience at the core of activity?

Why businesses are urged to take CX (customer experience) seriously? The key factor here being that mobile devices are becoming the preferred option to access the internet for people. Thus, companies are going to win or lose on the grounds of customer experience. To win, of course, insights and continuous improvements are a must.

In business aspect it all means companies and entrepreneurs have better chances of gaining customers by leveraging mobile devices and opportunities thereof. Taking time to study how people are interacting with your product on mobile devices, what different devices are used and how will enable to devise better business strategy based on customer needs. No guessing, in other words.

Companies and brands currently enjoying success, clearly are putting mobile customer experience first. According to Forrester CX Index, profitable companies engage in 2-way communication with customers regularly. The research also mentions the telling statistics, which are as follows:

  • 84% of business owners and information officers are now putting efforts in customer engagement;
  • 39% of well performing companies have fully integrated mobile strategies in place;
  • 54% more likely it is for successful companies to collaborate with customers.

Moreover, 70 per cent of buying experiences are based on how customers feel being treated. And obviously, they are more likely to buy from a competitor if the problem is service related, 4 times more likely to be specific. By 2020, research suggests, CX is going to replace the price itself as the main dealbreaker.

How to Enhance
Customer Experience

As we see, improving customer experience is directly related to the shift towards mobile devices. Now let’s see what steps could be taken in practice. Three mobile-friendly advises to enhance CX to implement today below.

1. Launching responsive sites.

Source: LocalSEO
Source: LocalSEO

As one of the first things to do, launching a responsive website will allow to bring consistent and sleek experience to customers. Responsive here meaning that content is properly and nicely represented regardless on every types of device. Strangely, not all businesses have realized this issue yet. Static web and/or mobile template, not correlating with users’ devices, could easily lead them to go elsewhere. With hundreds of various combinations of screen sizes, devices, browsers, etc. the risk is as big as never.

2. Developing mobile apps.

Mobile-friendly is the way to go for better CX
Source: VWO

Mobile apps are already an integral part of many business, of various sizes and in many industries. It is the way and the tool to keep customers engaged with your product. Apps serve as reminders to pull people to a product or service, and generate new customers as well. With many examples of small businesses (pizzerias, coffee houses etc.) striking success with mobile apps for promotion, it is a fact that mobile apps benefit any business.

Mobile app allows placing notifications and information directly into devices of target audience. It gives control over the market situation and the ability to stay relevant and available. On the other hand, developing mobile app is not an easy undertaking. Deploying a functional app takes time, money and effort. But the effect is worth it, especially when the quality app is launched.

Do you need a quality mobile app for your business?

Developing an app for business needs adds value to the overall marketing strategy. It helps to create a brand image, it solidifies your identity as a company, giving a message about your core values to customers. And customers usually prefer to interact by mobile apps than websites, as they get updates about products and services, other useful features. The app with communication options makes a great difference to potential customers in the way they get engaged.

3. Investing in SMS.

Source: Shutterstock
Source: Shutterstock

Finally and somewhat unexpectedly, SMS. Viewed by many mobile industry experts as the most powerful engaging mobile channel to improve customer experience. It can be used to send deals and offers, facilitate convenient service, engage with customers in a familiar way. However, these days SMS is not so popular with companies. While large businesses who are fierce competitors include short messaging in their strategies.

In 2016, SMS for business is about finding target customers, and then providing with a range of valuable services that they will appreciate. Unlike old forms of SMS marketing, today’s attempts are focused to retain clients, as opposed to finding new ones.

So, is your business mobile-friendly? Are you concerned with customer experience?
Remember these 7 habits of customer engaged companies:

  1. Provide quick and easy help with real people
  2. Obsess over every detail of CX
  3. Get on the front of customer interactions, not trailing behind
  4. Build CX-oriented culture within the company
  5. Align marketing, sales, customer service departments
  6. Value customer quality over quantity
  7. Place customer satisfaction ratings in employees’ bonus plans.

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