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5+1 App to Increase Work Productivity

5+1 App to Increase Work Productivity

Most of the business men and top level managers are always on the move, traveling, conducting meetings and conferences, or PR activities. Being tied to a desktop is impossible and strongly impractical while many decisions must be taken and lots of information must be analyzed on the go. And weaker productivity when out of office hurts business operations. Luckily, we are in the age of possibilities.

These days, with hundreds of software solutions and tools in most of business industries, you do not have to be at your desk to be productive. Furthermore, for many professionals mobility means better productivity as modern technology facilitates this approach. Use of smartphones, tablets, or similar devices, mobile apps allow handling any work tasks. Though sometimes it can be troubling to seek through thousands of applications, the effort is worth undertaking. Everyone knows about Evernote and Dropbox for instance. The key issue is understanding your unique situation and act appropriately.

Six Vital Productivity Apps

  • Slack
  • MeetingMogul
  • Sparrow
  • Azendoo
  • Clear
  • Workflow

Storing information in a best possible way, creating and prioritizing to-do lists, or managing tasks and projects – all business objectives can be done efficiently with these mobile apps. Of course, there are many more of them which is also great for all of us, but let’s review top-six to give the idea and direction further on.


Slack – perhaps the hottest mobile app currently as a communication platform (chat) for getting work done with numerous team members. This application allows users create chat-rooms to send messages, but the main feature is it’s scalability. And design throughout the app is just superb, the app works seamlessly. Private channels, direct messaging, drag-and-drop for files, notifications, search option for the entire archive – these are the features making Slack such wonderful tool.


MeetingMogul – is a great tool for conference calls. Unlike previously when these calls required the use of office phone, the app substitutes all the button punching to join the call. The app allows connectivity to remote teams and entrepreneurs on the go, along with features like note sharing, meeting summaries, and live note recording. This streamlined approach proved to be efficient and that is why many businesses use this app.


Sparrow – being among the first good alternative email apps, it included outstanding features like gesture controls and support for multiple accounts before any other company did. Then Google acquired Sparrow app to help improve Gmail. Thanks to this contribution email on iPhones finally became relevant. The peculiarity about this SMS app is operating with data and SMS both, and the app is able to detect the connection type. Most of the functions and results to the queries are distributed over data where internet connection is present. Without a connection SMS feature is still available.


Azendoo – a powerful task management mobile application that grants users the opportunity to invite other persons into their workspaces, and that shared environment can later be divided into other tasks/categories. Good collaborative tool for any organization. Created workspace may be tweaked and monitored by a number of individuals with real-time functionality and live updates. Additionally, users can add media from external services like Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox.


Clear – is the mobile productivity app that brings order and organization into your lists of work tasks. If you constantly making “to-do” lists and need to prioritize the tasks in it, you definitely should check out Clear for Mac and iOS. Using this app one can input tasks, organize them according to importance and deadline, and keep updated with reminders. The minimalist design and nice interface sets Clear apart from dozen of similar applications.


Workflow – is an automation app letting the user connect apps and actions in a simple productive way. Being able to go from one device to another without logging into an account, using flash drive or upload a file is a pretty productive and helpful feature. The app comprises 200 different action features with the ability to access other productivity applications (Contacts, Calendar, Twitter, Evernote, iCloud, etc). Thus, saving users lots of time and effort in navigating between various apps and devices.

Mobility = Productivity

Working out of office and on the move is entirely possible now. This happened thanks not only to new era in technology, but due to actual shifts in attitudes of executives and many business professionals. At the core of this transition is the vast increase of mobile devices and mobile applications. Those mentioned above are just the ones top-rated by our humble overview, there are also Messenger, 1Password, Photomath, Periscope, Team Stream, Strava, Sunrise, Mailbox, and hundreds more… the choice is plentiful.

Thanks to such comprehensive apps of our day we are able to handle conference calls with the touch of a screen, share documents easily, collaborate on projects, track and manage over time. There is the solution for any imaginable work task. Once immersed into this kind of apps and tools, users realize how mobility and productivity can go along.