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Top VR Experiences to Try Out

Top VR Experiences to Try Out

Virtual reality has emerged fast in 2016, as the likes of the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Sony PlayStation VR made their way to the markets. Amazing top VR experiences are brought not just in the gaming industry. Number of them do not require gaming skills or even headsets. From VR apps, viewing cities and natural wonders, to purely fascinating and stunning VR experiences captured on video.

While VR hasn’t yet gotten to our homes, but it doesn’t mean one can not try some immersive experiences or samples. Number of VR innovations and scenery have been demonstrated, that really capture the mind. Check out these VR experiences below that fascinated us the most.

9 Top VR Experiences

#1. Everest VR – developed for the HTC Vive by Solfar studio, the experience puts you on the top of Mount Everest presenting the all-round rich view. Starting below the peak it guides a viewer across icy hills up to the summit. The aim is to demonstrate the power of virtual reality technology, to get you to places unreachable otherwise. Excellent educational use!

#2. Jurassic World with Oculus Rift. Have you ever wondered how it would feel like to be chased by the biggest predator from the past? The VR demonstration using Oculus Rift at the latest Game Developers Conference is now available and it looks just incredible. The amount of detail both in the environment and the dinosaur models is mind-blowing. This is a VR tech demo, so no public download available at the moment.

#3 in our list of top VR experiences is Roller Coaster Ride at Seoul Grand Park. 360 video by Mooovr lets you ride along with the bunch of fun-seekers and enjoy the scenery around. Heights, speed, rapid descends and upside downs… and you can navigate it all around. Great demonstration of virtual reality capabilities! The guy with orange hair and glasses in the front row provides additional entertainment.

#4. Cinematic VR games showdown by PixelPlanet. This short trailer in HD quality is definitely going to be among top VR experiences for game geeks and action thrill lovers. Capturing the futuristic fight for survival against the machines in stunning detail, displaying wonders of Unreal Engine 4 game development suite.

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Sit back tight and watch out for exploding cars over your head.

#5. Airshow at Gotthard Tunnel VR experience. Flying over and in close proximity to the Swiss Alps in the cockpit of the Air Force aircraft and enjoying 360 view all the way… what could be more unforgettable?!? Video was shot at the opening of the Gotthard tunnel with six crews flying at close range and performing air maneuvers. This video placing you as a pilot is one of our favorite top VR experiences.

#6. Los Angeles Philharmonic VR experience. This video with virtual reality elements gives you a sense of depth in every direction to feel like you’re actually at the concert. For full effect we recommend to watch in a Google Cardboard viewer, or also can be watched on a mobile phone in the Youtube app or desktop computers. Users can click cursor on the screen and move it to change a perspective. With this VR video experience you are transported to the stage of Los Angeles concert hall for a stunning performance with the iconic music of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony.

Star Wars Fan Project (Mos Eisley Starport) is #7 in our list of top VR experiences. All the Star Wars geeks and franchise fans will tell you it truly deserves it. The project started with Millennium Falcon recreation in virtual reality and later grew to the whole set piece from a fictional universe developed by a group of enthusiasts. Walk around and see the familiar location and maybe even meet R2D2. This experience as the MMO is free and soon coming in VR.

#8. David Attenborough’s VR Experiences. Having achieved “a sellout” success at the Australian Museum and  the Natural History Museum London, the mutual work of eminent British broadcaster naturalist and Samsung Gear VR brings you an amazing journey. Traveling back million of years in time as David Attenborough narrates the story about Earth’s earliest creatures. VR diving to the Great Barrier Reef with 360-degree footage deep beneath the waves.

And finally, #9 -National Parks Virtual Travel, as the result of Google and US National parks service wonderful cooperation. The project leverages virtual reality and 360-degree videos to create miraculous top VR experiences that we all can witness from a comfort of our homes. The series presents five different jaw-dropping locations – Kenai Fjords in Alaska, Hawaiian volcanoes, New Mexico’s caverns, Utah’s Bryce Canyon, and Florida’s Dry Tortugas. The spirit of exploration, learning and adventure rides glorious!

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How much does a VR application cost?

Wow! After all those things it’s quite hard to catch a breath. Taking few moments to do that, we can point you to our VR/AR development team and encourage you to explore what VR experiences they are able to create for you. One thing is sure – they really loooove VR!

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