Angular vs React: Feature Comparison of JS Tools

Modern web applications developers are armed with a variety of app development tools and frameworks to accelerate their work. More experienced programmers develop the pure JavaScript. That certainly is logical, because JS applications are more efficient. Though may lack in support. As they say, everything has its pros and cons. We’ve tried to comprehend it all and compare culprits of Angular vs React.

To be honest, it is not entirely a fair comparison, because we do not compare equivalent products. If you look on the internet – you’ll find lots of hot debates around these two popular frameworks. From our standpoint, and after some analysis, we can argue that currently AngularJS development is more popular. While ReactJS makes a developer more skilled in JavaScript, as it requires more knowledge of it.

Angular vs React: highlights

Actually, ReactJS is an open-source, isomorphic JavaScript library but not a framework. It provides the possibility to create apps that are updated from time to time without the need to reload the page. The main purpose is high performance. This is very convenient to create single page apps. React uses one-way data binding and gives us both server-side and client-side rendering. As a result, an edge over competing technologies.

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The highlight of the ReactJS is working with a virtual DOM instead of a regular one. DOM stands for the document object model, a programming interface. It should not be confused with web components like a Shadow DOM. Virtual DOM is completely is different, it helps achieve quicker rendering. Since ReactJS is working with the virtual DOM, it updates a regular interface only when the data has actually been changed. AngularJS uses a real DOM.

Angular js and React js comparison

Reviewing the Angular vs React topic we should say we have more experience with Angular (1.x) compared to React. Yet, we know that React is preferable for projects with big amounts of data. To be reasonable, we’ll conduct a comparative analysis and present detailed results. Buckle up 🙂

Video with JS tools basics

So far, the top version that is Angular JS2 has been left without attention. But let’s leave it for another time, and focus on Angular vs React issue. Before turning to specific numbers, consider what constitutes the AngularJS. Check a small overview of Angular technology in video here:

what is Angular JS

Now, let’s make ourselves familiar with basics of React JS:

what is React JS


Regarding AngularJS, it is a very popular and robust framework. It’s open source code suits for web applications that consist of HTML and CSS JavaScript. In fact, AngularJS is a monolithic framework that includes 3 core paradigms:

  1. Models
  3. Controllers

Those elements constitute the MVC design pattern. But Angular and some ReactJS developers say it is actually more of MVVM in nature. Although Views in AngularJS are very compact (in terms of data), in our view, it loses to ReactJS in Angular vs React fight.

Read more on MVC & MVVM patterns compared.

HTML samples

Creating applications with AngularJS, develop your own or use the existing structural elements. Called directives, they consist of HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Unlike those, in ReactJS you can easily create similar elements (components) using only JavaScript. Well, not really a pure JavaScript but a syntactic tool combining  HTML and JavaScript, it is called JSX.

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Jessica Barnes

How many times can the same comparisons get repeated, thanks for your effort.

Jukka-Pekka Keisala

Please notice that the name “Angular” is commonly referred as new Angular platform version 2.x/4.x and beyond where as AngularJS is classic version 1.x JavaScript library. Therefore I think it would be less confusing to call this comparison React vs. AngularJS.

    Yana Gusti

    Agree 100%. What wkse would you improve?