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11 Hilarious App Promo Videos of 2016

11 Hilarious App Promo Videos of 2016

When the job of programmers and designers creating a mobile app is done, it’s time for marketers to invoke their creativity. Doing something unconventional and unique in an inspiring way can definitely make a connection with people. In this post we’ve collected fun and hilarious mobile app promo videos from 2016. Enjoy!

Taylor Swift listening to favorite tunes while working out on a treadmill and gets too distracted… What can go wrong? So “distractingly good” a promo by iTunes that you don’t even notice she’s rapping.

The charm of this next one is probably in poor production. Weight problems? You just “randomly find an app and download it”, huh. Well, we’d all be very happy if it was that easy. Though the app actually includes healthy meal plans and workout programs, so release your inner “Commando” and go for it.

Despite the fact that Carousel service has been discontinued by Dropbox on March 31, and even despite that it does not exactly explain the functionality of the app… this promo video is inspiring! In one minute the life of a man, from childhood to adulthood, unfolds in snapshots. That’s a storyboarding perfected.

“Your dog’s poop in someone else’s hands” – says the Pooper, the app that finds people nearby to pick up your dog’s poop. A poop-kind of Uber, I guess. Not sure if this is for real or some ironic mockery of modern habits, but this is hysterical. Tap the app, get a scoop.

“One, two, three, four… ummm, four”. Those kids are adorable. This short video for Baseline educational app for school children is just engaging the audience. The functionality of the app in detail is explained in the following linked video for those interested. Children from this real school in Milton Keynes are intelligent, talented and emotional.

How to coordinate your wardrobe properly for various events? Introducing Fadstir – fashion and stylist app to match your clothes spoof. Making fun of super-smart words like “crowd-sourced data”, “statistically supported”, “an algorithmic curation engine” used to sell simple ordinary stuff. No one is without a sin. The app is for iOS…, got an Android? “Join the wait list”… LOL.

Ready, set, crush. This one is for the ladies especially. The dating app Happn presents a fantastic handsome-male-chasing-beach-olympics, where all her efforts are spectacular but in vain. Though the app brings the happy ending.

Want to change your odds with dating? But what if the date goes bad and you quite dislike the person? Here’s the BOD (bad online dates) app as plan B for such occasions. Giving an OK to leave and find someone that is a better match, promising that “love is just a tap away”. P.S. No selfie sticks. Seriously.

Slack is already a massively popular messaging app, and this cartoonish promo video simply illustrates the everyday work in their animal HQ. Like in all sorts of teams, there’s always busy Harper O’Hare beaver, extraordinary lobster, wise owl and chief lion. And they all need to communicate and exchange ideas. Note: learn how to type with hooves.

Want to make a perfect breakfast pizza? There’s an app for that too. With Yummy you can fool around with components however you like, even adding goat cheese or adjust the heat level. Then you can leave feedback to the chef (Tim Cook), like people in video do: “Dear Tim, your pizza app gave me lung cancer so needless to say we are over”. Needless to say also, that is a joke promo by FunnyOrDie.

And lastly, with all that Pokemon GO craze now we can demonstrate how would it be in real life. Yes, literally how pockemons would look like alive and how would it feel chasing them down. Why would a grown man do that and throw balls at innocent animals – is questionable, of course. But that’s another story.

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