Apple’s Guidelines to Make Apps Like a Pro

Apple is passing down its App Store guidelines pretty clearly. It does not get more straightforward than that for iOS developers. Those trying to make apps that are successful, lasting and profitable should take time to examine.

First of all, you should really check App Store review guidelines if you’re going to develop mobile applications for iOS. It might look too much detailed and restrictive in nature, but those are nor just randomly devised guidelines. Decipher it and you get a clean recipe for a successful mobile app.

With millions of apps and app ideas floating around, Apple’s goal is to represent the best and to offer products that are helpful unique. In 2016 no one is making benefit from going through tons of useless stuff. So App Store is trying to avoid that, and rightly so.

Useful and Unique

Don’t be discouraged by almost every sentence ending in “rejected” (app that crash will be rejected, apps that are not appropriate for the content will be rejected…). If you ensure all potential “rejected” issues are covered, you already have a great product.

The main advice coming from Apple states: “We have over a million apps in the App Store. If your app doesn’t do something useful, unique or provide some form of lasting entertainment, or if your app is plain creepy, it may not be accepted.”

Quite direct and clear tip. Though many of us still find personal excuses to omit this realization. Staying sincere to yourself and realistic will only serve you to avoid disappointment when your app submission gets nowhere. Try to be truly useful or solve problems.

A solution for spotted problem already exists? Make it better, faster or easier. make it cheaper, safer or funnier. All of these options are of value. Or bring a new product or service that comprises best functionality. Make your life or someone’s life better with the app.

“Before creating your app, take a look at the apps in your category on the App Store and consider how you can provide an even better user experience”, – goes along with the above mentioned advice. Doing something that has been done and published in Store already is one of the top reasons for rejections, according to Apple. Common app rejection reasons also are worth reviewing.

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No Amateurs

Apple doesn’t want to look like amateur app collection. That is why they warn: “If you’re trying to get your first practice app into the store to impress your friends, please brace yourself for rejection.” And this is care about customers as well. With 1.6 m apps the gatekeeper role is essential like never before.

No need to rush, develop and make apps properly, test thoroughly. Fix all the bugs, create beta version, use the app for yourself, use it on different devices. Improving your app to pass the high standards is going to be of benefit in the end and bring revenue, so stay methodical and focused.

When it comes to apps people should be fascinated, and enjoy its beauty and simplicity. That is one of the App Store’s policies too. Small details like the app icon, sounds, parts of the user interface add up to make UX great or deadly bad. App interface should be refined and user-friendly in all instances. UI should also meet specific design requirements regarding content, touch control, text sizes, contrasts, spacing, resolutions, alignments etc.

Such scrutiny and paying attention to quality of the outcome may differentiate you from your competitors. Apple hints to developers that users respond to clean and polished apps. Both functionality and user interface matter highly.

Want to develop an outstanding app?

The other possible way of increasing your chances is seeking professional tips. Former App Store marketing manager, Michael Ehrenberg names 10 tips to get featured and explains:

  1. Tell a great story. Be passionate about your idea, it should resonate with others. App Store reviews thousands of apps, so what will catch the attention?
  2. Strong conclusion, compelling the reviewer to forward your pitch up the ranks.
  3. Consistency. While trying not to be boring do not forget to carry the look and feel of your app’s brand all the way through.
  4. Event networking. Making friends with the App Store team could be the fastest way – by networking at industry events or online. But go light, you can start by emailing the team at [email protected].
  5. Make sure your app is good. Like it or not but not everything is good. Test the app with friends, validate as much as you can.
  6. Give a reason. Make use of all hardware and software features from Apple, focus on the unique, underline the most prominent sides, be fresh relevant by all means.
  7. Get serious. With 1.6 m apps online you don’t have the other choice. Show that your intentions are real, make the launch exclusive to App Store or launch for iOS first.
  8. Seasonal content. To keep the App Store dynamic throughout the year and to help your chances of getting featured. If you choose this option show the content to the App Store team before the season or event.
  9. What would Apple do. The company is tough and strict in not allowing shady formats, no matter how well you may know the reviewer. Stick with trusted and legal tools.
  10. It’s all about business. If your app is not being considered marketable, why would it get published? Therefore, consider the factors of evaluation. Isn’t it a waste of retail space if the store is not going to make money from your app?

Summing up
this is just a brief general look into Apple’s guidelines for those who wish to make apps. Without detailed examination and following the advises it would be pretty hard to reach positive results. Even though the list is mainly what not to do, the major lesson here is to create apps that are useful, unique and well-designed. Apps that improve peoples lives in any ways.

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