Best Adsense alternatives to monetize website with Ads – October 2018

I have seen good traffic in the middle of 2017 and started to make a research about blog monetization with Ads. After reading enormous amount of articles on Quora, Reddit and surfing internet i have made my fault and postponed because all these articles convinced me that revenue from Adsense Ads is not worth to play with and it is bad idea in general, because i didnt know about Adsense alternatives.

Partially, all these answers were irrelevantly correct 🙂 .  Correct because yes, people monetize with Sponsorship, Affiliate partnership, info products etc. Irrelevant because no, website can really get good bunch of money through Ads 🙂

On April 2018, after another research , i have made another try and launched Google Adsense Auto Ads immediately after approval.

One month later, on May 2018,  after getting 3$ per day from Google Adsense i didn’t know what do – start crying or laughing with so small amount money with my 200 000 page views and very good traffic mostly from Tier 1 and Tier 2 countries.

On June 2018, i was completely burned out with my business, i didn’t know what to do with monetization and how to get at least any money. After yet another non sleep night, i have sent email to Ezoic and fortunately Ezoic answered almost immediately, arranged and made Skype call. I had a talk with Adam, representative of Ezoic, who did all the best to dedicate 3 mins from me to allocate Ads template on blog posts and get money immediately. Once again, I was completely burned out and all i wanted it to get a rest on sea. Despite of that, i didnt last move and we run Ezoic. One week later i have started to get 40 $ daily from Ezoic vs 3-4$ from Adsense.

So, let us start my investigation, let me share my later experience and comparison. If you get value from it, i will be more than happy.


1. Sell of Ad spaces through marketplace like BuySellAds

Best example is Just click and see how many different websites in different categories are offering their ads inventory.

Publisher define price and amount of impressions, usually without optimization and it not optimal inventory fulfillment with revenue drop.

Despite of that, BuySellAds make payments usually after 2-3 days of request day, but they have high decline rate for Publishers due to high demand and desire to get quality traffic (from US, Canada etc).

There is ability to select traffic by

  • Ads type (desktop, mobile, top, bottom etc)
  • by country
  • by cost (fixed price per month or CPM)

Let us consider couple of examples:, this is Food & Drink blog, we see Ads inventories for mobile and web, let us calculate a bit:

  • ads inventory for website have close to 1mln impressions to sell with average price 2.5 USD per CPM. Draft revenue: 1 000 * 2.5 = 2 500 USD
  • ads inventory for mobile have close to 800 000 impressions to sell with same price.

Draft revenue = 800 * 2.5 = 2 000 USD

Draft calculation: 2 500 + 2 000= 4 500 USD monthly in case is all ads spaces will be sold.

Similarweb shows estimated visits 650 000 monthly and 4 500 USD revenue is average revenue., this is Family & Parenting & Education blog, we see Ads inventories for web only for 75 000 impressions and 3 USD price.

Draft calculation: 75 * 3 = 200 USD monthly

Similarweb show estimated visits 200 000 monthly and 200 is quite low amount of revenue, I would expect to see at least 10 times more amount., this is Cryptocurrency and & Business & Finance blog, we see Ads inventories for web only as well for 33 mln impressions and 30 USD price.

Draft calculations: 33 000 * 30 = 100 000 monthly.

Similarweb show estimated visits 11 mln monthly and 100 000 USD monthly is quite goof amount of revenue. We also must take into account hype of bitcoins and crypthocurrency.

Let us go further with investigation of this website and visit

  • Mobile Ads (Expect here + 20 000 USD monthly more)
  • Newsletter sponsorship (Expect at least + 10 000 USD monthly)
  • Research Partnerships (+ 5 000 USD monthly)
  • Event Partnerships (+ 5 000 USD monthly)

As summary: this great website gets at least 130-140 000 USD monthly.

BuySellAds declined my request. Despite of that i am not worried as i have alternative.


2. Sell Ads pro-grammatically with machine learning Ads platform

Ads manager Money hold Daily income Minimum sessions Decline rate Conditions
Ezoic 30 days 40 10 000 low At least 30-40% of traffic from US
MediaVine 90 days 40 25 000 very high Majority of traffic have to be from US
Adthrive 45 days 35 100 000 high Majority of traffic have to be from US
Adsense (Google) no hold 4 doesn’t matter very low doesn’t matter
Media .NET same as Adsense

Media.Net (Yahoo) is almost same as Adsense in case of revenue and conditions.

These numbers are average for website with 200 000 page views per month with 60-65% of desktop traffic.

There is another company Monumetric, we are in process of launch but it is delayed a lot and don`t think that number will be higher that Ezoic or Mediavine.


After all possible experiments, research and discussion with colleagues, I have made conclusion described above and some comments below:

  • If you have website with most of traffic from North America and rich part of EU (UK, Sweden, Germany, France etc) and traffic with +30-40 000 visits monthly, you can try with Mediavine. Cons: you must wait for 3 months to get your money. Also, Mediavine decline and suspend a lot of new website after launch of  Ads monetization.
  • If you have website with same traffic quality but with amount +100 000, you can try Adthrive.

My personal recommendation for getting income from Ads on website is Ezoic, why:

  • Most of websites same as most of you, who are looking to start monetize blog with Ads, don’t have such huge amount of traffic.
  • Most common is you have traffic +10 000 sessions per month and far from high quality traffic like MediaVine or Adthrive needs, I mean you will have a lot of traffic from India, Latin America, Middle East etc.
  • You don’t have to wait for 45 – 90 days for getting payment, 30 days is suitable.
  • Ezoic have great and fast support, personally I get response by email in 2-3 hours average and my requests are being solved fast so far, like: disable Ads on specific pages, primary relocation of Ads, consultation regarding CDN.
  • Ezoic have plugin for Chrome to let you locate Ads through website or Ezoic support may help you with it.
  • Ezoic have a lot of of Ad network partnerships and AI based Ads allocation improvements.


3.Sell Ads directly through Ads networks

Biggest monsters here are Google Adsense and Media.Net. Despite Adsense and Media.Net are mostly Ads networks, they have implemented Ads managers to optimize best Ads placing on your website programmatically and with AI, so I decided to include them into previous table to compare.

Google Adsense push hard Auto Ads for desktop and AMP, it is kind of AI allocation of Ads like Ezoic do. Despite of that, Ads revenue is still very low.

Another popular Ads network is Infolink

There are Ads which you will not find in anywhere mentioned machine learning Ads networks else, like InText, InFrame.

Summary: don’t expect to get more from such services and expect to get revenue close to Adsense or lower, close to 1-2 USD eCPM, but in any case, it is matter of AB testing and your website.


4. Sell ads through popups

I have experience so far with only 1 such service, and in best scenario revenue from PopAds will be close to Adsense or lower, close to 1-3 USD eCPM.

Couple of summaries:

  • Google don’t lie popups and downgrade page rankings
  • I strongly recommend you use native popups if you really want for 2 ways: 1) increase email subscription base 2) use native popup to encourage people click for affiliate links on it.

In case of 1 successful sell through affiliate by popup, you will gain much more than Popup Ads.

5. Sell text link ads

One of examples are and

How it works: you integrate JS code into website and service automatically will do rest.

Cons: small revenue and high ability to get issues due to link from/to spammy domains but it all depends.

Summary: it is upon on your choice, but I would recommend to concentrate on other Ads revenue channels, also i don`t know any website with very high level of revenue through Ad links monetization.

6. Direct sell Ads or how to monetize forum without Ad networks

Usually happen in case of:

  • strong brands with huge amount of traffic over 500 000 pageviews
  • usually best scenario for own forums
  • desire to avoid commission
  • desire to have full control over inventory
  • issues with channels like Forex, Adult etc when Google and other giants restrict or don’t want to serve this.

Cons: you must have own sales/marketing teams, but usually ROI is pretty good.


25 000 USD monthly from Sponsorship got Elite Trader Forum, let us make draft calculation by current info:

From Email promotions which cost 999 per each and making at least 2 per month +2 000 USD more, I am sure this forum gets at least 25 000 USD monthly per 500 000 visits by SimilarWeb, excellent result.

380 000 USD monthly from direct Ads selling on Forex Factory Forum, let us make same:

This forum has 2 Ads for website and 2 Ads for mobile with 19 M impression monthly and average price of 10 USD / CPM (per 1 000 impressions) after discounts and geo excluding.

Draft calculations: 2 Ads * 19 000 * 10 = 380 000 USD monthly for 10M estimated visits by SimilarWeb.

30 Million USD monthly get Buzzfeed. This website has 75M users, delivered 66 Billion! 😊 video views last year and get 350M USD revenue per year/close to 30M each month.

6 Million USD generate Quora. This, already, social network has 190 Million! 🙂 monthly active users, enormous number of topics and comments with estimated revenue 8M per year and only 66 employees onboard.  But I am sure, this amount will rise up quickly, as Quora launched own Ads platform only couple of years ago.

These numbers are cosmic but close to be true. I would never believe but I have seen as people earn 20-30 000 USD per months on Ads, so everybody can do it.

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