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The Best Android apps in 2014

The Best Android apps in 2014

Lets consider leaders in categories of best Android apps in 2014:

best android apps lingo

DuoLingo application has become the most popular Android application in 2014 in the segment of “Education”. The service allows to learn languages in a simple form of a game. By all means reading Dickens in the original after these virtual courses will be hard. Anyway, according to research done by City University of New York and the University of South Carolina, language training with DuoLingo can be compared with the study of the language with the help of a teacher. For example, for the wrong answers you loose a point, and for the good answer you get a virtual reward. But the main advantage of this service is that it is absolutely free.

best android apps f

There are no surprises in the category of social applications – Facebook is all ahead among best Android apps!

best android apps pandora

Pandora Internet radio Android-app has become the most popular in the category “Music”. This app is available in the United States. Its purpose is to guess favourite music of a listener and advise something new. Internet radio creates music playlist, and the longer user is listening and making his/her comments, the better is the prediction of a service.

best android apps trip

TripAdvisor was chosen as a winner in best Android apps segment “Travel”. Besides, have an ability to book and purchase tickets. All necessary information can be sorted into the several categories. Here you can choose a cuisine, price range, and user comments . It goes without sayings that all your decisions can be made on the basis of the other users feedback. In addition you can leave your own comment in the app. Furthermore, you can add new hotels, restaurants, and other items that may be interesting to your followers.

best android apps n

Netflix, the world’s largest video service with a huge database of movies, TV series and cartoons became the greatest love of users in the category of “Entertainment”

best android apps pal

In addition, the section “Health and Fitness” has become the most actively growing in the Google Play Store in the amount of downloads. MyFitnessPal turned out to be the top app in this category. This is a virtual machine for those who adhere to a healthy lifestyle. The program has a base of 3 million names of products that can be selected during the calculation of calories consumed. You can also create new dishes, for example if you like to eat watermelon with garlic, than you can add it to the recipe in the application and select it every time you eat. Also, the application has 350 different types of physical exercises, and the system itself can offer a correct set of exercises for performance improvement.

best android apps play

Flipagram became the best Android-application in the category of picture editors.This application allows you to create short videos from photos and add music to them. Visual History can be shared with friends or subscribers both in the Flipagram community, and beyond. There are two basic presets in the app: Instagram (15 seconds video length) and Flipagram (30 seconds). Also, the duration of the video can be controlled individually.

best android apps king

Candy Crush Saga of King became a leader in the category of games. This game was available this week for the owners of smartphones based on Windows Phone.

Top game list in 2014 is as follows:

  1. Candy Crush Saga
  2. Don’t Tap The White Tile
  3. Farm Heroes Saga
  4. Subway Surfers
  5. Clash of Clans