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10 best ICO marketing companies in 2019

With the rapid value growth of certain few сryptocurrencies, there has been a deficit in other digital currencies that people could trade for those big ones. Such currencies now go by the name of ICO (initial coin offering) that companies trade for famous cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

To launch an own ICO and reach the trading level, marketing campaigns are key. In addition to ICO development companies, we present the list of the best ICO marketing companies in the world.

10 top ICO marketing companies

# 1 GuerrillaBuzz

GuerrillaBuzz is taking ICO/STO marketing to the next level by creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. Specializing in the next generation of content marketing GuerrillaBuzz’ve helped clients raise more than $100 Million.

Pricing: Online quote request, pay-as-you-go (PAYG) rates.
Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel / Employees: 15 / Contact:

# 2 Element Group

Rather than only a marketing agency, Element Group represents itself as a digital token sales  company. Those services include consultation, ICO marketing strategy, capital and asset management, market research etc. In its course, the agency partnered with TradingView, CNBC Africa, Forklog and Wunderdogs. Portfolio includes Constellation, Open Platform, Enigma, BLOCKv as well.

top ICO marketing companies

You can judge the level of Element expertise by their materials like:

Pricing: Online quote request, pay-as-you-go (PAYG) rates.
Headquarters: Santa Monica, California, USA / Employees: 10 – 50 / Contact: On-site.

#3 TSM Global

TSM Global has helped clients raise more than $300 million USD and it is now focusing on the smart investors who are looking for high returns but also security. TSM focuses on STOs (security token offerings) and DSOs (discounted service offerings). As a London registered company it provides clients with legal certainty, it has reasonable pricing, great client support, and sets transparent, reasonable goals that are to be reached in harmony with the client. TSM Global is truly global and can support clients by introducing investors from four continents while it provides support in 9 different languages. TSM is, global.

Pricing: Online quote request, pay-as-you-go (PAYG) rates.
Headquarters: London, UK / Employees: 20 / Contact: +44 208 0892 568

#4 Crynet

Crynet offers a full advertising ICO campaign via several marketing methodologies. Clients may choose what suits them best: video demos, social media activity, mobile and web promotions, search ads, PR.

One example of Cynet’s work is HOQU, a decentralized affiliate platform. A promo campaign is explaining how the system supports interaction between affiliates and merchants, and by excluding brokers both parties get fair price. You can see it below.

Pricing: Online quote request, pay-as-you-go (PAYG) rates.
Headquarters: Prague, Czech Republic / Employees: 11 – 50 / Contact: On-site.

#5 Priority Token

Another company that is not inclusively dealing with marketing but the whole ICO advisory, investment and advertising process. Priority Token is ideal for investors that are not willing to risk too much with newest technologies in fintech.

They’ve got experience in referral projects, bounty (multi-token) programs, ICO management, real-time token emission, and other types of marketing campaigns. You can check out numerous ICO projects, including Playkey, Modultrade, Skyfchain, Arround, on their website.  

best ICO marketing companies

Marketing packages by PT are the following:

  • $30,000 – ICO investor dashboard
  • $50,000 – ICO project onboarding
  • $75,000 – investment package
  • $95,000 – ICO marketing and promotion package
  • $200,000 – All-in-one package

Pricing: On-site packages ranging from $30,000 to $200,000.
Headquarters: Singapore / Employees: 11 – 50 / Contact: On-site.

#6 ICOPromo

This firm focuses solely on ICO sales, unlike any other general advertising agency. They offer different packages covering technology, legal matters, marketing consultations, as well as marketing support, landing pages, etc.

Take their Crypterium project for example. It is a CRPT token online store that turned out very successful, having issued about 1 billion tokens and over 70% sold. Also, ICOBox created a major marketing campaign for Saifu, a manager of fiat and cryptocurrencies, and collected over $13 million. Find more cases on their website.  

Pricing: Basic package 40 BTC / Additional packages 4-40 BTC.
Headquarters: San Francisco, California, USA / Employees: 100 – 250 / Contact: On-site.

# 7 ICOservice

ICOservice owns Blockchain News, an influential publication site for blockchain. Therefore, featuring their clients on the website is, in itself, an effective campaign. Their marketing services, however, include:

  • classic PR
  • banner advertising
  • social media marketing
  • YouTube marketing
  • bounty campaigns
  • blog features
  • events

best ICO marketing companies

If you wish to learn more about ICOservice activities, research and skills, visit their blog, for instance:

Pricing: PR and Marketing services $150,000 – $500,000 + other packages available on-site.
Headquarters: Burlingame, California, USA / Employees: 2 – 10 / Contact: On-site.

#8 Mazee

For one of the specific sides to ICO marketing – community promotion and management, Mazee is your friend. Their services revolve around community management exclusively and solely,  which helps get new clients and increase the ICO value for clients. Clients, by the way, enlist Shivom, HumanCoin, Sandblock, among many others.

top ICO marketing companies

Take the community of AidCoin, an auction platform for charity fundraising. Thanks to marketing campaign by Mazee, AidCoin supported over 500 foundations and raised over $10 million.

Pricing: pay-as-you-go (PAYG) rates.
Headquarters: London, UK / Employees: 11 – 50 / Contact: On-site.


ICODA is the ICO Digital Agency which offers all the instruments for the best promoting of your project. This is a team of professionals who accompany your ICO at all stages: pre-ICO, ICO, and post-ICO are chaperoned by ICODA services.



Services: Smart Contract Development, ICO Website Creation, Promo Video Creation, White Paper Development, Analytical Review, Opinion Leaders, ICO Listing and Trackers, Youtube Influencers, PPC Ads under Restriction, Telegram Promotion, SERM. Chinese Marketing, Korean Marketing, Russian Marketing, Listing on Exchanges, After ICO Development

Pricing: Online quote request, pay-as-you-go (PAYG) rates.
Headquarters: Minsk, Belarus / Employees: 12 / Contact:

#10 Applicature

Applicature’s advertising strategies contain a variety of options that proved to be efficient in the ICO marketing. Apart from community management and social media marketing, those include mass media, video creation and promotion, meetups, webinars, traffic generation, etc.

best ICO marketing companies

Applicature supports the concept of gaming tokens as a core part of blockchain technology today, and so it participated in creation of ERC721 tokens for Cryptofights. It is a game that lets players earn bitcoins after completing certain tasks. The company adjusted tokens to the network, tested it and have converted it into a standard token across the game community.

Pricing: Online quote request, pay-as-you-go (PAYG) rates / $25 hourly rate.
Headquarters: Redwood City, California, USA / Employees: 10 – 50 / Contact: On-site.

Summary table

Here’s all the basic information on those ICO marketing companies to conclude our topic. Do you know companies that perform better or offer top ICO services? Share them with us.

Company Hourly rates Employees Location Top clients #1 ICO service
Element Group ? 30 USA TradingView, Wunderdogs Market Research
GuerrillaBuzz ? 15 Israel ? ICO/STO marketing
TSM Global ? 20 UK AllSporter, SocialGood, Staramba, MOS Coin Investors meetings & PR
Crynet ? 15 Czech Republic HOQU, SophiaTX, Earth Token YouTube and Blog Influence
Priority Token $50-100 25 Singapore Modultrade, PLAYKEY, SKYFchain Campaign audit and implementation
ICOBox 4-40 BTC 150 USA Pavo, Curaizon, Paragon Full support service
ICOservice $50-100 10 USA ? Community Building
Mazee ? 20 UK BlitzPredict, AidCoin, Sandblock Growth Hacking
ICODA ? 12 Belarus pre-ICO, ICO, and post-ICO
Applicature $25 40 USA CryptoFights, SupplyBloc, DreamTeam Traffic Generation

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