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Top-10 task management software, free and paid

For businesses, managing projects in real-time doesn’t only mean outlining the tasks and assigning them to employees. Primarily, it implies tracking the working process from A to Z, i.e. from setting the tasks to execution, as well as ability to delegate tasks and/or duties, adoption of special software, etc. By latter, we mean project management and task management software, of which dozens of programs exist – similar in some aspects and different in many other respects.

Which is the best task management software – there’s no way to tell 100% or 90%. A company might need a small tool for 10 employees with task dashboard, or a company might look for a cloud-based program with advanced collaboration and tracking tools. Both scenarios are surely heaven and earth, metaphorically speaking. Thus, there could only be suggestions to consider and make up the mind.  

We’ve selected ten task management apps, versatile in price, type and functionality. The list includes some well-known names like Monday and Wrike, as well smaller yet solid tools for personal use – like Favro, Quire, Streamtime, and one Mac/iOS-specific app – Sendtask. These little helpers for business or individuals are designed to organize, delegate, track tasks, and more. Our first roundup are 3 data tables below, while the second part will contain a closer look at each program.

Pricing + Basics

Some are totally free task management software, others charge monthly for standard or Pro version, while also providing trials/demos. Most of applications are SaaS type, meaning it’s all online and ready to go, some of them require typical installation, and some also have mobile versions.  

* No time restriction, but limited functionality

SoftwareFreewareTrial (days)Monthly costMonthly Pro costType / PlatformSupport
ClickUpNo*$5Cloud, SaaS, Mac, Windows, Android, iOSChat – business hours, phone – 24/7
FavroNo14$34$63,75Cloud, SaaS, Android, iOSChat – business hours, phone – 24/7
MondayNo14$25$39Cloud, SaaS, Mac, Windows, Android, iOSChat – business hours, phone – 24/7
Process StreetNo14$12,5$25Cloud, SaaS, Mac, Android, iOSPhone – 24/7
Quire✔️Cloud, SaaS, Android, iOSChat – business hours
Sendtask✔️$0,001Mac, iOSChat – business hours
Streamtime✔️Cloud, SaaSChat – business hours, phone – 24/7
TimeCampNo*$5,25$7,50Cloud, SaaS, Mac, Windows, Android, iOSChat – business hours, phone – 24/7
TimeHeroNo14$12Cloud, SaaS, iOSChat – business hours
WrikeNo*$9,80$24,80Cloud, SaaS, Mac, Windows, Android, iOSChat – business hours, phone – 24/7

Task management features

It’s not only a list of tasks with status accessible anytime, modern task managers comprise dozens of handy features – akin to project management software. Many of them are innovative and enterprise-focused. Time tracking, progress tracking, reporting/analytics are equally important. Business teams might seek suitable collaboration tools in software: audio/video conferencing, chat/messaging, document sharing, contact management, content management, cooperative writing, discussion boards, group calendars, synchronous editing, etc.

SoftwareTime trackingCreate subtasksGantt chartPercent-progressCollaboration toolsTo-do list viewReports
Process Street✔️✔️

Other functionality

Below is a brief comparison of other useful aspects, which is only an excerpt with major features like chat functionality, milestones setting, file sharing, inventory management, etc. Find full feature comparison spreadsheet here: 10 task management software review.

SoftwareMilestonesDocs/FilesInventoryChatBug tracking (IT)Project planningWorkflow configInvoices
Process Street✔️

Now, let’s see what each of those 10 task management software tools have to offer.

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Monday is probably the most popular (and clearly the most advertised) task app for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and cloud. It allows several projects simultaneously and 5 active users minimum in tasks execution. To start using Monday task management app, a user should sign up and create an account. The basic price is $25 monthly and it increases progressively with the number of users and more features. One of the benefits of license version is extensive data filtering.

best task management software

Upon entering, a user selects a board type and template. Interface and whole workflow is comprehensive, Monday sends email notifications about every event/action in a board. Overall, the app reminds a daily notebook that’s online, where users can make edits and share it with others. With it, work teams will be on the same page: all the data about a task, status, timeframe, etc. is visible in one line (‘pulse’). Note, that while users may upload files, there’s no possibility to share internally – only Dropbox, Google Drive, Pipedrive, etc. Only English menu language is available.    

  • Pros:
  • Easy-to-use app
  • Personal and public boards
  • User-friendly interface
  • Cons:
  • High price
  • Limited task management features on mobile devices

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A collaborative platform for tasks and projects Quire is absolutely free. The key difference to previous Monday is multi-level visual hierarchy of projects. Users may also leave comments, and even share boards with clients who aren’t Quire registered customers. Kanban view allows to access a task, it’s status and history instantly. Worth noting, that iOS 2.0 devices may utilize Siri helper, which is in sync with Quire task management app. In addition, Google Drive and GitHub integrations are also available.

In terms of limitations, Quire allows only 5 Mb file size uploads, there’s no Gantt charts or linear diagrams for task plan, no issue tracking. Although, there’s no mobile version for Androids, PWA app is available – i.e. adapted for any devices and screens, which also has an upper hand over apps from Google Play. Quire task manager has English and German menu languages to choose.   

  • Pros:
  • Tree data structure
  • Chrome extension
  • To-do list
  • Cons:
  • Not so many integrations
  • No Android app
  • No calendar option

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As with previous tools, Streamtime aims at efficient task management, introducing creative elements to it at the same time. Its makers propose to use timesheets and to-do lists, which make it easy to track every activity within a team. Issue tracking is a core part of the app, which is especially crucial when it comes to big amounts of employees.

task management saas

It also incorporates one critical financial tool – invoicing. It adds value “big-time”, as managers are also able to follow the flow of costs related to tasks, and intervene if necessary. Streamtime can be integrated with Xero and QuickBooks accounting software, though only a Premium version. Basic package costs $15, while Premium is $30 monthly. A quick summary of this program would be: to-do lists, budget planning, cost flow tracking.  

  • Pros:
  • Reports, analytical and financial tools
  • Automate document creation
  • Cons:
  • Small set of features

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Management, collaboration, consulting, efficiency – those are primary areas for Sendtask software. It’s all about task management in a current moment, and not that much about further data processing or reporting. To sign up, you would need an invitation via email.

task management tools 2019

Sendtask is a free utility, offering task monitoring and time management tools, integration with external programs. And that’s pretty much it, yet such simplicity might be a winning factor. Having less features than other apps in the list, it is geared more towards project and task control in real-time. It is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android users, works through email and does not require an account.  

  • Pros:
  • Email invitation required to register
  • Free and really fast
  • CSV for data exports
  • Cons:
  • Minimalist interface
  • No options for sending reports
  • Limited integrations (Slack, Email etc.)

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If you look for a task management tool for individual use – let’s say, to keep yourself organized, TimeHero is a good option. Of course, it is designed to automate and help manage tasks within business teams, assuming delegating/passing on tasks from one employee to another, yet there are lots of options for personal workflow control within projects.

task management programs

TimeHero works on Windows and MacOS, it displays how much time has been spent on each task (time sheets). It also provides internal chat for real-time communication, Kandan view, Gantt chart. It syncs well with Office 365 calendar, as well as Zapier, Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft Exchange.

  • Pros:
  • Build-in chat
  • Plenty of 3rd party software integrations
  • Useful organizational tools
  • Cons:
  • Rescheduling tasks only as admin

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This tool facilitates collaboration and close communication between employees of all tiers: developers, marketers, managers, executive officers, etc. It is a task management software both web-based and installed on Windows/Mac/iPhone/iPad/Android, though available in English only. Functionality is quite extensive: calendar, backlogs, multiple view boards, time reporting, to-do lists, board templates, card templates, estimation fields, time sheets. Plenty of video guides will assist to learn every aspect quickly.  

task management software Android

14-day free trial before upgrade to either $8/monthly Standard or $15/monthly Enterprise. Favro automatically creates backups of all documents in the cloud and enables their editing. Cloud services by Favro have ISO certification, by the way, which means users can select from 2-factor authentication, single entry (SSO) by Google and/or Github. In Favro users can divide projects into smaller projects/tasks and track each one separately. There’s also a plan board to keep all team members updated about everyone’s activity.

  • Pros:
  • Available for smartphones
  • Card system for task management
  • Cons:
  • Issues with moving large collections of cards
  • No Gmail support, no Calendar option

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Developed by Time Solutions LLC in 2009, TimeCamp is a cloud-based SaaS task management tool. One peculiar feature is automatic time tracking, including paid and unpaid hours. It is available in English, and is pretty affordable for businesses – $5,25 Basic and $7,50 Pro monthly. To check it and make a decision there’s a 30-day free trial. Main features are time tracking, project management, automatic tracking of PC operations, budget progress.

task management software Windows

The algorithm of tracking working hours, to describe it in few words, analyzes user activities on a PC/device and measures hours by day. In the end, the app generates a productivity report for each employee. Apart from web-based version, TimeCamp also has traditional desktop versions for WIndows, Mac, as well as mobile iOS/Android apps. One great additional functionality is accounting tools (invoices, taxes, rates) and integrations with QuickBooks and Xero. Other features include graphic timesheets, budget analysis, manual timer, team time tracker, reporting.

  • Pros:
  • Easy to comprehend (2-module system)
  • Computer time tracking for employees
  • Detailed reports
  • Cons:
  • Problems with calculating total time
  • Beneficial mostly for small teams

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It is and online tool to manage tasks and projects, introduced in 2017. ClickUp key features are task board, assignments, status, notepad, comments, task tray, voice assistance, templates, scheduling and much more. You can adjust and customize everything. There are 3 view types for example – list view, box view, board view.

task management software iphone

Task assignments are possible for individual users or groups, and everyone receives notifications when he/she is mentioned in any tasks or comments. Free plan for ClickUp is for unlimited amounts of projects but up to 100 Mb of memory only, while Business costs $5 per user monthly and has no limits whatsoever.  

  • Pros:
  • Chrome extension
  • Gantt charts
  • Visually pleasant interface
  • Cons:
  • Less features on mobile devices
  • 100 MB storage in free version

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Process Street

For business projects that have to be run and managed in the cloud in real-time and with the goal of optimizing the recurring tasks, try out Process Street. It suits small and mid-size business entities well. We’ve seen how typical free task management software can integrate with several or a dozen of 3rd party apps, but how about over 400? Although we cannot confirm how true is that statement due to lack of time and resources.

task management software for mac

Another unique feature is the ability to attach video and audio files. So, I guess the final puzzle you might need is pricing: free with up to 5 boards, Business at $15/user/month, Pro at $30, and Enterprise by a quote.  

  • Pros:
  • Easy integration with other software
  • Nice interface, regular updates
  • Cons:
  • No mobile app, no CRM
  • Not all document formats supported

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One of the most popular programs for task management, especially for 20+ teams and SMBs. Let’s go through the basics. It is software-as-a-service, as well as for Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, web, it integrates with other software like Dropbox, Slack, Adobe Creative Cloud. Free trial allows up to 5 users and 2GB of space, active for 14 days. Pricing plans vary depending on the number of users, storage and additional features.

task management software review

In regards to possibilities and benefits that Wrike is bringing to the table we’d like to mention the following. Folders with tasks have various templates to view, files are placed into folders without duplication. Using ‘flow’ panel users may see tasks/events chronologically, and underline a certain task via @mention function. Dates and status on the right, Microsoft Planner, reports on every stage are useful too. Certain stages can be assigned to certain employees by default.

  • Pros:
  • Tools for marketing purposes
  • All team on one page
  • DAM integration
  • Cons:
  • Daily email reminders
  • Slower performance on Android app
  • High cost

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