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A betting app like William Hill, how much does it cost?

William Hill started in 1934 and now it is a famous sportsbook profile, casinos and poker rooms company in the whole world. And now they advance into mobile fields bringing their betting application to us. Australian sport betting venture has immersive growth among all gambling players.

Mobile application design especially for the Aussie punter, so it contains amazing features and brings huge starting bonuses for their players. You can download the William Hill IOS app or the Android version in order to test the application by yourself.

William Hill betting app idea

There is nothing new in the idea to bring gambling things into mobile fields. It has been done earlier many times and in many different methods. But the way William Hill brings it to the world truly requires a closer look.

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So? What is special in this case?

app like William Hill

Deep analytics

Skillful gambling players already know all secrets and pitfalls by making their choices. However, common people that want just to try making their first bet and have never seriously taken care of any details of the situation before mostly would lose their first deposits. Such kind of failure would push them to delete an application and avoid betting in future.

William Hill provides their users with full information about matches, players and lasted scores in real time. It helps users to make a wise decision about their choices as well as realize their own chances and risks. It doesn’t guarantee winning their first bets, and, surely, doesn’t make them professional players. But it helps keep users in traffic.

So, providing players with analytics data helps them enjoy betting. As a result more users stay active.

Make it stable

No one wants to lose his or her money or a chance to win them by simple bugs, errors, and lags. A few times is enough to lose your users. So William Hill goes native app trying to reach best user experience it can provide. While hybrid app can easily and cheap reach all mobile platforms, and the web app makes it even better, it can’t give those benefits that the native app does.

  • It’s stable.
  • It loads and refreshes fast.
  • Design and UI are native to iOS devices.

Any issues may totally ruin whole user experience, especially if user sure he loses his money as result.

Key features

app like william hill

The William Hills application contains tons of features.

The Application provides players with a wide number of markets to choose from most regular to the most occasional. Meantime there is a huge number of sports to betting on. Its numbers scale more than half hundred. As a result, users may bet wherever they feel themselves better.

Simple UI and design provides best user experience and simplifies navigation through the app. Everything you want can be found in no time. Each sport has its own unique icon, making it easy to go directly to the markets that are interesting for you.

app like William Hill

More features

  • Watch live Matches.
    Whatever betting user or not, he may watch some of the matches in real-stream. It helps fill more involved into the process and directly see how the matches progress.While real-time scores are good – live matches give users the best experience ever.
  • In-Play bets.
    Live Matches and real-time scores provide users to create chance fill them directly involved into match action. For example making bet up to the minute goals, cards, and corner stats for all the markets for the football matches. Or ball-by-ball bets for tennis.

app like William Hill

  • Regular promotions.
    The Greater number of various promotions for newcomers and active players helps provide the dynamic and attractive user experience. Different activities, attractive odds and push-up notifications designed to make user active or return into gambling through making every bet “best offer ever”.
  • Match schedules.
    This feature helps users organize their activities and get a better experience from the application using. A reminder also helps them to jump into in-play betting with less chance to miss match they want to see.
  • Multi-language.
    Different language in the application helps to scale your audience large by providing comfortable and native experience to most of your users. English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese Korean, Chinese, etc. would make your app easy to user worldwide.
  • Radio.
    Radio helps to keep players active by providing highly relevant information to them. Stream to user’s information about sports they like and also inform them about your promotion, best deals, and odds.

A positive start to the year for William Hill across the board. Our online business continues delivering growth thanks to the improvements in product, user experience and marketing we have made.

Philip Bowcock, CEO

William Hill deposit and withdraw options

When talking about bets by real money it is really important to fully design all logistic chain of funding in and out from an application.

Three ways to deposit

  • Players can deposit their money into account via William Hill’s kiosks, while it is higher than $500 courier would come for it.
  • People may use reward cards received from video poker or slot machines.
  • Make bets directly from the kiosks.

One way to withdraw

  • The only one way to get your money from the app is to receive cash from the betting shop. In this case, users should have the mobile app number and a valid photo ID.

Safety & Security

One more thing to think about, when application deals with private information and money – its security measures. No doubt it should be the best. And William Hill reached it best in the security of data and transactions with other sides. Moreover, application itself is protected from ill-effect for irresponsible gambling.

In the customer’s security matters, William Hill is completed with a wide range of support options:

  • Customer’s account support (most notably).
  • Deposit support.
  • Restriction support.

On the financial side of the app William Hill also takes things seriously. It has Thawte SSL web server in order to encrypt all transaction data.

Native app development

app like william hill

An application core for Android or iOS would take:


App skeleton32
Main screen160
Login screen24
Registration screen32
Bet Slip screen24
Racing screen120
Sports screen120
Sports details screen80
Fast Multi screen80
Rewards screen40
Navigation Menu24
Quaddies screen40
My account screen160
Deposit screen80
Promotions screen40
Wolf blog screen40
Help screen24
Info screen80
Total app estimate~ 1200 hours

The back end development would take up to 400 hours.

And here we are, finally ready to tell you how much does an app like William Hill cost. Depending on the timeline and developer rate. The average rate for our designers, programmers and managers is $50 per hour rate. As result, it would go with the price near $80.000.

However, you should consider that its approximate estimate and any changes like adding some new features or dropping old ones would change end cost.


Soon the company would celebrate its century of existing. As a result over time they know well what works and what doesn’t, before implementing that research.

Coming up with negatives for the app has been very complex to use on its full potential. If we had to point out something it would be the number of links that are actually loaded outside the apps. Such features like:

  • stats section.
  • promotions.
  • help.
  • blog.

All are completed with an outside link forcing reload the application each time users come back from it. The design of the app is pretty simple and should be easy for use by newcomers.

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