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Biggest App Trends for 2016

Biggest App Trends for 2016

2015 has marked the conquest of mobile apps over the Internet and TV. The app economy is experiencing immense growth and profitability. Mobile devices are being used for delivering news, content, entertainment, logistics, business and much more. Exciting things and innovations are ahead too, for sure. Just as technology changes, so do app trends and marketing ways. New ideas, concepts and tools are constantly flowing in. Some of the biggest app trends are already happening, some are on the way for 2016.

Greater opportunity for Android

Google Play app store became a leader in US downloads last year and this lead is probably to continue. With new features users can find new apps through the initial app open on the phone. This allows exploring new applications without the app store. So more natural and intuitive way to find nice apps for you. With these developments the Android platform will become even more competitive on the market.

Gaming and streaming

Third-party apps have been brought to Apple TV, which opens up opportunities for better gaming and video streaming. New kind of gamers is expected to appear (not necessarily identify as gamers themselves), and some experts believe this will revolutionize the market. Additionally, the platform will increase and improve cross-device advertising between TV and mobile devices.

Virtual reality on the rise

Expect the market for VR devices and content to mature and develop in 2016. More new devices are eagerly anticipated from Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Sony Playstation VR, other vendors and key VR players. Big publishers already support new devices and experiences, some categories and countries are particularly good for VR, i.e. Japanese market and games. The hype is growing.

Wearable devices for any use

Wearables have been gaining ground in recent years. Among app trends this is still the one with a new feeling to it. Though devices like Apple Watch and Galaxy Gear start shaping the market, leveraging fitness and health issues mostly. Wearable app developers develop more business and professional apps.

The future of wearables is in health monitoring, business management, not only games and fitness apps.

Wearables as one of the app trends in 2016
Wearable tech becoming mature

Mobile web and mobile apps getting alike

Users spend time in fewer apps. A typical smartphone owner spends most of it’s time on five or six downloaded apps, and the most popular are the messaging apps. However, the gap between mobile web and app experiences will be gradually thinning out and moving between them will be less of a trouble.

Tablets and cross-platform development

Continued popularity of tablets by enterprises and in the workplace leads to a demand for cross-platform mobile solutions. Going back and forth between desktop and mobile devices will be taken care of, as the expectations are in place. The demand is for using applications with the constant ability, feel and performance, management of big amounts of data no matter what the screen size is.

IoT and data visualization

The Internet-of-Things will challenge businesses with big data issues. Huge and complex sets of incoming data of business value is better managed when visualized. There will be a demand to organize and visualize all data from mobile devices with dashboards that allows quick decision-making. This will be a concern for a wide range of decisions: from actions in tactical situations to strategic analysis and reporting.

data visualization trend

Need to visualize your data?

Search engine results updates

As Google already displays videos in search results and other search engines and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter display auto-playing video ads, search results will show not only web pages. Mobile apps may take their place within SERP as well. Some changes may happen in mobile search too. UI/UX specialists are exploring on how to gesture, point and tap on devices, and it is likely that optimized mobile search will be implemented at some point.

More to come

Currently, the single issue holding back consistent app adoption is bandwidth. With tremendous charges businesses can not get really creative and so today we have one app for one issue (like fitness) and another one for other tasks.

App trends note that mobile applications in 2016 are going to be less in individual features and more about being an integral part of users’ lives. Apps will cover various issues and tasks, the functionality will increase.

Apps will become reflections of our lifestyles, developers claim.

The apps users download and use communicate their values in life more and more. Paraphrasing the saying, “tell me what apps you engage in, and I can tell who you are”. So the more apps will correspond users’ goals and like, the more they will be used beyond the original concept.

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