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The Bots Are Coming

The Bots Are Coming

Nowadays, it has become harder to download, set up or switch among so many apps on your mobile devices. As the websites substituted client applications, messaging bots will not replace them soon, but will inevitably serve a perfect interaction. What is a bot itself you ask? It is a so-called, chat-based interface that helps users cope with different tasks. Bots can order food, help users chat with their friends, check the results of a big sports game or even answer, where the nearby store is. Messaging is considered to be the new platform. Written deeply – admissible. Still, is their essence significant? Let us clarify.

Why does everyone speak about the bots?

Mobile Application market is stagnating. For instance, applications are fighting for attention of almost one million applications, whereas Google Play even more. According to ComScore, the potential users spend 80 % of their time using only three applications. Top stores, have been occupied by the major players and the costs for promotions of the most applications simply are not paid back. Getting into the users smartphones has become practically impossible. But there is a segment in the market, which actively continues to grow. That is the subject of messengers. WhatsApp for example, has recently overcome a mark of almost a billion users, Facebook Messenger 900 million users, WeChat 700 million users.

In November, the total audience of the four most popular instant messengers went ahead of the most popular social networks. In parallel, the decline of the application and the explosive growth of messengers have developed technology of artificial intelligence, natural language processing and cloud computing. Later, the developers began to realize that there was no need to write a separate app for all tasks. Instead, the already installed apps could easily get the user and solve the same tasks with the help of embedded bot directly in chat. So, the evolution of bots has begun.

One can ask, what is the purpose of these bots? The answer is evident. Practically everything you need from internet-services – is ordering the ticket, using a taxi service, selecting clothes, shopping, payments and transfers, searching, weather, news, maps and directions, downloading movies and music. With the bots, all this will be at your disposal. Unlike messaging bots, which can read and write messages, there are bots that can be programmed to carry out automated actions. These are able to respond to request from other users.

Want to know more about bots & apps?

Another types of bots, are e-commerce bots, whose main purpose is to enable purchasing and buying various goods and services food bots, which order you dinner and content bots, which share significant content with you.

Why do we need bots?

Currently, bots have two auditoriums: those, who want to save time and efforts and those who are lack of available alternatives.

In some countries, cheap smartphones are popular in demand and due to the technical weakness, there is no possibility to install 30 different apps. Such smartphones do not support a separate mobile app with a separate weather forecast, or app with currency exchange rates. But bots with similar functions can easily meet all the needs of the user directly in the chat, reserving very little space.

Another auditorium are those who want to save time and effort. Bots provide the necessary information in the background and natural environment, where the user interacts with friends. As a result, there is no need to switch among different apps to carry out a particular operation – for example, to lend money to a friend in the same chat room, where you discuss the latest football news.

The bot is virtual – the human is alive. Can these two phenomena interact?

Can there be any communication held between? Let us seek the answers.

Natural language is the best way to capture a command, the booking of travel, an approval, invoice or any other structural content. If a message format remains simple text, it keeps the capabilities of the bot in limits or it asks for repeated iterations, to accurately specify the request.

So now, there is a smart message, which structure that content, like mini-web pages, to make the accurate communication between bots and humans possible. Bots have already had the possibility to customize smart messages, to convey the structured information, to capture user response and to act further on them.
There are many benefits offered by bots. They simply de-clutter our mobile experience.

Bots send a message, when we need to know or answer something, but stay invisible otherwise.

Bots are also important players in E-commerce. Their mission is to provide expert advices and help the users in their decisions on what to buy. They can help to reduce the information overload and to achieve competitive advantages. Many businesses today are looking for the increasing of the service level and the ease of use of their web sites. Bots that interact with users in natural language are great advances in customer service. A bot often represents a human like an image and allows user to type questions in daily languages, which are responded to the best of the bot’s language. Bots can be programmed to converse on any subject including products and services that are on offer.

They can help users in e-commerce in a number of ways. Those, which are represented by a 3D Animated Character, will assist the users according to their specifications and return with recommendations on the product or service, which meet the requirements. In E-commerce online shopping, bots are created to reduce customer’s reliance on live agents by providing more appropriate answers to service inquiries. The convergence of a bot and the Internet technologies, offers the user the freedom of choice, while interacting with the web-site. The exciting new possibilities for the customer interaction include online shops, chats and collaborative browsing.

source: gizmodo
source: gizmodo

Thus, will the bots take over the apps? Is the interaction between human and bots imminent?

The answers are obvious.

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