Ecommerce mobile app trends: what to expect in 2017?

What innovations of mobile ecommerce app world will lead your business idea to success in 2017? Should you open the virtual market or create a small promo-app? Let’s take a look at the 2016 ecommerce mobile app experience and its causality. What was in this year and what are the tendencies for the next one?

Ecommerce Mobile App as a polymorphic form for a smart trading

The most remembering ideas of 2016 are sparkling examples of marketing and programming art. All of them are divided into few groups.


VR shopping experience via ecommerce mobile app

  • Virtual reality shopping experience;
  • Augmented reality shopping experience;
  • Virtual subway supermarket.

The virtual dimension is attractive and serves real people needs. Today, the VR trade creates a customer experience limited only by the imagination power. There’s nothing more indicative than a 10-years old child crying in the mall “Mom, why we’re here? You can shop online!”

Look at the example of Zegna inStore. In this virtual store, you’re free to choose luxury class goods while wearing the pajamas at home.

That’s how the online and virtual levels of reality became real parts of our life. This dimension of retail is fresh. The pioneers of VR trading are setting the standards right now. So it’s up to you, to start the development of such a product or not to do this.

Here is how VR service or augmented reality app can serve your customers:

  • Faster access to your product;
  • Much more effective demonstration of the product;
  • Much more text information on your product in case of links possibilities, etc;
  • Personal sales and consultant engagement in the virtual scope;
  • New VR experience.

As an app owner, you’ll get a bunch of new possibilities:

  • Contact with your customer straightly;
  • Gather information about customer’s likes, dislikes and his behavior;
  • Hold the customer’s attention longer;
  • Differentiate yourself among other sellers.

You may create a virtual shop for your customers, help them to choose items, and even impress your customers with a celebrity as an advisor.

Real and virtual world unity for unique customers experience

  • QR sale campaigns via shopping app;
  • One-aimed fast shopping app with automated fitting rooms;
  • “Self-waiters” apps for fast ordering;
  • One-click grocery shopping reducing in-line waiting;
  • Connected with IoT smart devices shopping apps;

The trade innovations are not so easy to implement because there are always customers who won’t care. The key to them is on the half way from well-known behavior to totally new experience. Also, they need information support for your ecommerce mobile app campaign to rely on and use.

For example, E-mart Sunny Sale Campaign needed to rise buyer’s activity from 12 till 13 in the afternoon. To defy this challenge, they connected the elements of virtual and real world in the “sun clock” QR-statues. Only at noon time, the shadow builds a QR code which the smartphones can scan straight from the statue. The link opens SALE landing page and people enjoyed the special offers during lunchtime.

It’s a simple but ingenious solution!

One more example. Omnicart app by Hointer helps to browse items, choose the right one, send it straight to the fitting room and buy this item with coupons. Do all these activities at home, on-the-go or in the shop. This idea will suit the businessmen buying fast exact items set.

Mobile app for ecommerce prompting the purchases

  • Digital and fast price tracking for speeding up impulsive purchases;
  • “Heaven for shopaholics” app with unlimited possibilities of fashion hunting and share;
  • “Predicting of wishes” app;
  • Local propositions apps.

The speed is crucial for the trading process, because of few factors. If the client doesn’t waste time on distractions and gets to item fast, he becomes satisfied and would come back. The average time of purchase is the best feature of service quality. With simple one-click purchases, the quick trade era begins.

Mobile App for Ecomemrce - Snapette
Mobile App for Ecomemrce – Snapette


A lot of apps  analyze customer’s wallet, uhm… I’m sorry, customer’s wishes, needs, intentions. With Beacon devices for trading aims, sellers can “track” interests and send matching propositions. The customer can’t avoid the situation of purchase. With collecting “likes”, the smart apps like Kwoller will propose new stuff to wish, defeating customer with his own dreams. There is only one way out of this situation – to buy something.

With a launch of accelerated trade ecommerce mobile app, the customers will get:

  • Hot news about desirable items;
  • Surprising SALE propositions based on geolocation and “likes”;
  • A lot of freedom to choose, share and compare any kind of stuff;
  • Neoclassic engagement into trade process with bigger volume of influence than offline;
  • New emotional shopping experience with a shade of hazard.

As an app owner, you’ll get such possibilities:

  • Create the proposition for each user personally;
  • Gather information about customer’s preferences;
  • Hold the customer’s attention in case of almost “casino” mode of purchase;
  • Have a deal with a great number of sellers and suppliers;
  • Differentiate yourself among other sellers.
Ecommerce mobile app - Kwoller
Ecommerce mobile app – Kwoller

Customer benefits services

  • Sale-monitoring apps;
  • Best-deals app;
  • Smart advisor on car purchase;
  • A/B buying decision app;
  • Simple and intuitive design shopping app;
  • Useful “tips&tricks” textual content + shopping app;
  • One-in-all coupons app;
  • “Ask-Relatives-To-Buy-The-Item-For-You” app.

Give freedom to take pictures of desired items to create a perfect little world for the shopaholic. Then sellers will fight for a right to sell on your app platform. Don’t forget to inform your users about the desired item going on sale and he won’t ever delete your app. This kindness will lead you to the loyal audience and this will lead to revenue.

Here is the success recipe from Snapette:

Set the possibility to compare and choose. Give all textual support you can, even if it means to create a brand new magazine. Make the bargain beneficial for both sides.

Still, the main demand of future 2017-BEST-ECOMMERCE-MOBILE-APP is perfect technical and code under-the-hood. No matter how cool your app idea may be, if it’s realized bad, it’ll fail.

Let your design be easy for the user. Even if you have no idea of extra functionality for your app, you should pay attention to design. Between the equal apps, the client will choose the one, that will be more attractive and intuitive for him.

Mobile app for ecommerce - Snapette
Mobile app for ecommerce – Snapette

With a  launch of customer beneficial ecommerce mobile app, your customers will profit in some ways:

  • A great number of new stuff;
  • Stores navigation system in the planet/local scale;
  • Sale, coupons, promos and other special offers;
  • Delivery support.

As an app owner, you’ll get such possibilities:

  • Moderate the stuff feed for customers;
  • Get statistics to make your app better;
  • Create and implement a lot of marketing ideas;
  • Choose the specified trade niche;
  • Differentiate yourself among other sellers.


Something we had left behind the curtains, but each mentioned group represented a set of trends in ecommerce mobile app trading.

The already implemented technologies show us the vector of mobile ecommerce development. What are our predictions?

Well, 2016 trends tell us to advance needs, invent new technical appliances, defy challenges between a product and a customer.

Starving for fresh information, customers will love those who send news, descriptions, discounts, etc. Customers need to know more to choose precisely. And they want to experience unusual feelings, be involved in different histories, dramas, stories. The closest and fastest seller will win the battle for people’s hearts and money.

All abovementioned effects can be provided by your app. 

What do you need to be successful with your app in 2017?

  • Create unique Idea;
  • Separate the Key Audience;
  • Get the Creative Team of Developers (or outsource company);
  • Hire the Tech Savvy Consultant;
  • Get the Designer;
  • Hire the Marketer;
  • Get the Content Manager.

Choose one special feature, give it to the perfect developer’s team, mix it with smart marketing. To get the result in 2017, you should start right now. The high-quality ecommerce mobile app, as all worthy things, needs time to develop.

Want to discuss the prospects of your app?

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