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4th Principle Focus on The Close Cooperation

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“Business people and developers must work together daily throughout the project.”

Agile marketing stresses the importance of working with customers. In agile software development, actually, it’s all about the close customer collaboration. The methodology’s interpretation of partnership keeps the spirit of working with customers, instead of trying to sell them the final product from an abstract market plan.

This principle encourages active customer involvement throughout the product’s development lifecycle. Tight and constant collaboration between business people and developers bring high visibility through the whole process, from the early design to complete implementation.

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The cooperative collaborative approach gives first-class visibility and transparency for the customers, that does also help to make sure that customers’ expectations are efficiently managed. In agile development, it is considered far better to cooperate directly with stakeholders in building a product.

So let’s unveil how Agile can collaborate directly with the customer:

  • First up, Listening. Tuning into the voice of the customer, by actively listening to what is said through feedback channels and social media.
  • Than, Engaging. Paying attention, supporting and amplifying the customers.
  • And the last but not the least, is – Including. Bringing customers into the loop of product development, tapping into user-generated innovation.

Nevertheless, it is not always possible to have users directly involved in the project. Specifically, if the agile project is about building a product in which the end users are external customers. In this case, it is essential to have real people involved throughout the development process.

Is often happens that nearly 50% of the features built in traditional Waterfall approach have not ever been used by the customers. Can you imagine how efficient a team could be if to spend this time of building the right software features?

The essential element that makes agile marketing actually work is an active user involvement.

The customer’s feedback is given constantly, during every small increment of the development process. Due to a feedback from real customers, it becomes possible to correct mistakes quickly and reduce work to be redone. There must be a significant and frequent interaction between the customers, developers, and product owners. Therefore, an agile project must be continuously guided.