“The most efficient and effective method of conveying information to and within a development team is face-to-face conversation.”

Agile development encourages face-to-face conversations as it’s much more efficient and better in comparison with an e-mail or phone communication. In agile projects, developers talk to each other directly and this helps to avoid loads of misunderstandings and confusions.

It’s no secret that the initial mode of communication is a conversation. Despite the fact that documents are sometimes useful and sometimes are necessary to be created, there is no use to capture all project information in written text.

An agile development team doesn’t require written specifications, plans or designs. Although it may be created if needed, but that’s not the default. Discussion – is what always stays in the first place. The default is the conversation, and better – the face-to-face conversation.

by Thinkmobiles
by Thinkmobiles

The purpose of any communication is to deliver a message from the sender to the recipient. In agile development projects, a conversation is held either about the process (like plans or approach) or project requirements. And the key factor in gaining success is to make all participation members understand the right information correctly.

Being efficient in terms of communication is critical in saving time and overcoming difficulties and misunderstanding. In agile projects, a face-to-face conversation is proven to be the most effective way of a “dialog” between the members of the project.

Face-to-face conversation is the basis for effective communication. This is essential in executing a successful agile project.

Due to the constant pace of agile development processes, communication is more important in comparison to regular projects. The advantages of real conversation during the product’s development lifecycle can be found down below.

So why is face-to-face communication so important?

  • You can see if your message is getting through via the non-verbal communication, which is not possible to check during a conference call.
  • Agile project rotates around engagement of all stakeholders about the development process and product requirements.
  • During the real communication, you can get everyone involved. Developers that participate in the discussion can easily see the business purpose behind customers requirements. As a good helper in transferring information, this influence on efficiency and effectiveness of the overall process.
  • Face-to-face conversation empowers personal relationship. This helps to make the process more cohesive and the team to go further to realizing the common goal.

Easy and sufficient conversation is the most important factor for the Agile projects success.