5th Principle Focus on The Motivated Individuals

“Build projects around motivated individuals. Give them the environment and support they need, and trust them to get the job done.”

One of the original values of Agile Manifesto is the statement claiming that individuals and interactions are more important to success than processes and tools. That doesn’t mean we should neglect processes and tools, they are also essential. But the team members’ contributions and interactions are what matters in the first place.

The secret lays in building projects around motivated individuals. Agile software development methodology stresses on the team culture – as its aim is to focus more on factors that build trust atmosphere between the members of the project.

by Thinkmobiles
by Thinkmobiles

The active collaboration and partnership make agile development teams a much more pleasing and convenient place for people involved. At ThinkMobiles, we support a much more rewarding approach for everyone:

  • The team members discuss requirements in interactive workshops, instead of writing tone of specifications.
  • Skillful developers debate what is right for the product and then make real decisions, instead of spending weeks on writing lengthy project plans.
  • Professionals cooperate around a task-board discussing progress, instead of creating enormous reports.

In turn, this helps to create highly cooperated, motivated and topnotch teams that are ready to bring projects into the real life. Agile approach to software development strongly believes that these are the reasons for project’s success.

“We build projects around trusted professionals. The freedom of self-direction gives motivation which leads to successful collaboration.”-TM

Nevertheless, if we take this idea and apply it to agile marketing it has 3 various interpretations:

  • Internal marketing operations are managed in a way to assist better. interactions, giving the team members possibility to act and react with accuracy, creativity, and at a greater pace.
  • Cooperation between miscellaneous business and marketing groups is more open and flexible.
  • The interaction with individual customers is highly important. Process and tools should enable and facilitate great interactions, not hinder them.

Finding the right balance between the processes and technologies, along with interactions and individuals – is fundamentally important for building a healthy and prosperous working ecosystem.