How to hire a dedicated development team, and how to extend it

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Thanks to quick pace of technologies, businesses have more flexible options in hiring experts, engineers or whole teams. However, in software development industry programmers’ charges are unlikely to deflate in the nearest future. Outsourcing is a common practice for small and midsize companies which can’t afford their own developers. To hire a dedicated development team has basically become synonymous to software outsourcing, though slight differences exist.

Dedicated teams of various sizes and skills are usually available for one specific long-term project. Whatever you plan to produce – a website, a mobile app or a game, with this model of cooperation you’ll have a full control over the process, while staying mobile in business decisions. And this is why we’d like to share few thoughts and insights into this so you could be informed better.

What is a Dedicated team model?

A DDT is a type of software outsourcing appropriate for large and long-term projects with a constant workload. Dedicated team combines affordable costs, high skills and commitment.  Basically, it means hiring a single team of specialists to do the job, staying exclusively dedicated to it til the end.

It is good for customers who know the workflow and risks, and who have a clear vision of investment. A dedicated team works as if were your own employees. Bottom line: discipline, skills and focus.

hire a dedicated development team

A dedicated team is best for:

  • Large, complex and time consuming projects (avoiding the risk of changing developers in the process);
  • Projects that could possibly amend technical requirements over time;
  • Development involving multiple technologies, frameworks, third-party services, etc. (i.e. with a certain level of unpredictability and risks).

Challenges of hiring developers

In a quest to hire developers one major option is freelancers, of course. Platforms like Freelancer or Upwork have thousands of offers, but do not guarantee the quality of work. Thus, you end up spending days and days in order to find the qualified team members.

Several general challenges both with freelancer and with agencies are tough to beat:

  • Time zone differences. It can yet be manageable when working distantly with your team, though it could become critical if team members are in various locations.
  • Communication problems – different languages, different foreign language skills, plus technical issues.
  • Cultural differences may impact your communication, interpretation/understanding of tasks, as well as overall commitment.

Hiring freelancers is a test of luck, in terms of skills, work quality, responsibility. Surely, a jack-pot of an extra-talented and at the same time low-cost developer is possible, but rare. In most cases you will get:

  • Poor communication, as such freelancers (possibly from different countries) have never worked together before.
  • A costly project manager to handle the process.
  • No guarantee of a proper end-product and meeting the deadlines (this is not aimed to offend freelancers, just a risk factor based on experience).
  • Lack of post-production viability, product support and maintenance, which is not typically their task.
Type Cost Control Quality Commitment
Freelancers Low Low Variable Short term
In-house developers High High Variable Long term
Dedicated team Medium High High Long term

In regards to developer agencies who provide professional and well-managed teams and care about their reputation, there are risk too. Such issues may be:

  • High cost
  • Lack of commitment, tools and hardware
  • Lack of experts whose skills should match your project
  • Legal issues, intellectual property issues

Benefits to hire a dedicated development team

  • Cost efficiency

No need to seek out individual developers and form a team, a team is there and ready to go. You can talk to a project manager or any team members directly, they are all in one place. No office space rent, no time differences, no misunderstanding, no delays to start the work.

  • Flexibility

A dedicated team may help both startups and SMBs, as well as large enterprises. Direct control of team’s work, tasks and priorities. Agility and adaptability in case there are amendments to the project, quick reaction to any issues. Transparency and nothing to hide, high motivation and expert advice at hand.

reasons to hire a dedicated development team

  • Control

Firstly, a free choice of team members based on listed skills and rates. Secondly, always an option to add more members, required to accelerate or adjust the project development. The reason such teams are called ‘dedicated’ is because they work solely and exclusively for you and for your specific project. Nothing else gets in the way.

  • Skills

Last but not least, you may handpick developers with the exact skills you or your team are lacking. Programming tools and tech stack are always evolving, new things emerge on daily basis. You should look for proper skills in certain areas, but investigate it thoroughly to make sure they are real and not just words to attract attention.   

Pros & cons of a dedicated team

As everything else, this model has its ups and downs, and you should consider both before making a decision.


  • Predicted and flexible budget
  • Focus and quick reaction to project changes
  • Full team control and proper management
  • Full dedication of all members to your project
  • Visibility of project/tasks progression


  • Too expensive for small projects
  • Project manager is still very much recommended
  • Possibility to change requirements and goals in the process has a risk of continuous  work and cost exceeding the budget
  • Hiring a dedicated team does not mean success by default

Final words

Software outsourcing is a good option as it combines affordable costs and developer skills. DDTs are beneficial for long-term projects with a constant workload. This business model requires clear knowledge of possible troubles and how to overcome it, as well as a proactive commitment all the way through. If you take it seriously and want a quality product despite technical challenges, then you have a great option. And here is what we can offer with a dedicated development team.

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