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How much does it cost to hire an Android developer

With 85% share of mobile devices market, we can confidently say Android OS is the dominant force. Almost all the smartphones out there other than iPhones are Android, with few exceptions. Any business willing to launch a mobile app cannot avoid an Android app version. To build an outstanding mobile app you have to hire Android developer or a team of app programmers who are professional, possess skills and experience in dynamic, eye-catching, well-functioning applications.

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Why hire Android developer

Android development services at any proper software development agency should include: custom Android apps, custom Android app design, cross-platform development, testing, updating and maintenance, tablet app development, assistance in Google Play Store release. You can outsource Android app development to our dedicated team at ThinkMobiles to create a top mobile app, based on:

  • 7 years on the market
  • Over 200 projects finished
  • Permanent on time delivery
  • Affordable developer rates
  • Full cycle development services
  • Superb customer support

Work with ThinkMobiles

Our Android developers for hire have extensive skills in the following areas: push notifications, in-app purchases, third party integrations, Android animations and design, payment integration, maps and geolocation, data caching and synchronization, social media integrations, chats/messaging, data encryption.

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Constant communication, iterative process, planning and transparency are our working principles at ThinkMobiles. So when you hire Android developers you have full control over the process. Our team is motivated, analytical, focused and driven to make Android mobile apps that people will love.

Android technology stack

Our team of Android programmers for hire works with latest and relevant mobile technologies and frameworks, only part of which is shown below.

Java, Kotlin, C#Android SDKAVD Manager
JavaScriptJava SDKAndroid Device Monitor
Android StudioDirectory APIAndroid Debug Bridge
Android SDKGoogle Play EMM APIUnity3D, Unreal engine
Android EmulatorAdmin settings APIDelphi, Xamarin

Cost & rates

The #1 question has always been and still remains – How much does it actually cost to build an app? In laymen’s terms it depends on multiple factors. When you want to hire Android developer, you’ll check hourly rates and what you’ll find out is that it ranges from $50 to $150 on average.  When hiring for long-term projects, be aware that a median annual salary of an Android developer is about $120,000.

hire android developer

Of course, the cost differs depending on location, freelance or in-house team, skills, area of expertise and so on. The highest rates are in the USA (over $150 per hour), while developers across Europe may work for $40-80 per hour.


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