How to create an app and make money

So, you have an idea of successful mobile project and you seriously intended to develop a really useful and commercially acceptable product. Therefore you have to be aware at least of the main stages of app making, how to define market potential of your app and how to minimize the risk during developing process. Nowadays its topical for big projects and not very big startups.

Create an app
Earlier we’ve explained about three types of mobile apps. Regardless the operating system and its types the are the following permanent stages of app making:

  1. User story. Define possible script of using the program.
  2. Design workflow. With the help of sketches from app pages you check the logic of work.
  3. Graphics. Create necessary minimum of graphics for all app pages.
  4. Developing. Write the code, prepare operating app version.
  5. Testing. Test app in several stages using different scenarios. After release read users feedback and react.

Create an app that makes money
Sometimes it makes no difference, how do you make apps. It’s important to build a phone app, which will be on the market. No matter how this product is brilliant and revolutionary, only real users decide will it be successful or no. And will you be able to earn money.

You will find out the result of your work in two weeks after release, when you’ll see the app rating. If users are not satisfied with it at early stages, it would be harder to push through to the top, even after updates and improvements. Therefore you need to introduce to the audience stable and operating product and at the same time to examine users reaction. Do they really need this app?

What product will be more successful?
Coca-Cola made a huge mistake in 1985. Trying to strengthen positions on the market of fizzy drinks, the company has made new, sweeter drink in comparison with classical “Cola”. According to laboratory results, the product should have become extremely successful. New “Cola” tastes better than original one and even better than “Pepsi”. So, “New Coke” replaced “Coca Cola” on market stalls and it turned out to be a big fiasco.

Thousands of letters with demands immediately get back original “Cola”, more than 31 angry telephone calls during the first two days, devastating press criticism and even appearance of public figures. It made company rashly scrap the project. So, before release of new “Cola” or new mobile app you have to check how real users will react on it.

How to create an app and don’t lose money
The only way to reach this is to release and test not an accomplished product but only a basic prototype, MVP (minimum viable product). It has minimum of necessary functions which will help you to evaluate usability of a product. MVP helps you to minimize development-test-improvement cycle of mobile decision. MVP is a new method how you make apps with a few advantages:

  1. More qualitative product. Less functions you have, easier you gain feedbacks and updates. Only when basic functions work and you can add more extended ones.
  2. Save time and resources. You don’t need to waste thousands dollars and months of work to develop full functionality until its not clear whether app will be on the market. Expenses for prototype will be lower in comparison with development of accomplished product.
  3. Short way to the “top”. After your prototype was successfully tested, the full version of app is developed on its basis. This valuable app for users which constantly works in an early version has more chances to become popular during the most important first weeks.
  4. Minimizing reputation risks. MVP-app version can be started only for testers without previous announcements and even using fake names. It will prevent company or brend from bad reputation in case of failure.. What was MVP still remains in MVP.

Our company, Thinkmobiles, was the first to use this strategy in the market and still successfully use it for different clients. Our experience shows that MVP relly gives good results.
So, to create an app and earn money, you need to:

  • Think over the main functions and ways of using;
  • Choose type of app and mobile platform, also define monetization type;
  • Develop and test MVP-prototype;
  • Develop additional functions and design of almost finished app;
  • Conduct app monitoring, to follow users feedback, constantly improve and support the product.

Sequential and thoughtful fulfillment of all these items will help you to make commercially successful apps. Therefore it doesn’t mean that you are obliged to create and elaborate them by yourself. Yo can ask professionals to help you. This will speed up the process and increase chances for success of the application.