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Mobile Learning Apps: Learn & Go

Mobile Learning Apps: Learn & Go

We are living in the information technology age. Digital innovations change the way we do usual things. And it is not a big surprise that traditional education is being replaced with the digital education. One form of the digital learning are m-learning or mobile learning apps. Using your mobile phone for educational purposes is getting more popular every day. We have described this tendency in our article on mobile learning trends of 2016.

The advantages of the mobile learning apps are the following:

  • Accessibility – you can have an access to the educational materials wherever you go;
  • Availability of the new material – you can discover the latest information straight away;
  • Efficiency – you can see your fast progress.

      You can start m-learning with the help of the mobile learning apps. There are thousands to choose from. To ease your choice we built our top 11 m-learning apps list. If you liked one (or more), just click the link to download the application from the app store.

1. TED app

TED app provides you with quick access to video lectures from TED conferences held by amazing personalities all over the world. You can watch the talks online or download the videos with the subtitles in different languages. You can also listen to TED talks audio.

Choose the format of mobile education that you personally prefer and let the TED app feed your curiosity. You will get many insights and improve your knowledge on the topics you are interested in.

Mobile learning apps - TED app
Mobile learning apps – TED app

Download the TED app for iOS, or TED app for Android.

2. Duolingo app

The Wall Street Journal called the Duolingo app “the best language learning app” and millions of users all over the world share this opinion. Duolingo is a great resource for learning a second language in an effective and interactive way. It gives you an opportunity to learn English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Irish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish and other languages. With the right motivation, Duolingo language courses can be as much effective as any university course.

Expand your vocabulary and improve grammar, practice reading and writing, listening and speaking, play games and earn points – this is the real chance to have fun using mobile learning apps.

Mobile learning apps - Duolingo app
Mobile learning apps – Duolingo app

Learn mobile with Duolingo app for iOS or Duolingo app for Android devices.

3. Khan Academy app

Khan Academy app provides you free access to tons of information on various subjects. All you need is to choose the topic of your interest. It holds over 10,000 videos in math, science, economics, history, and much, much more.

Khan academy lectures can be compared to university courses. But there is one small difference – you have access to these lectures everywhere and in every time. Even if you have no internet connection, there is the possibility to learn offline.

Mobile learning apps - Khan Academy app
Mobile learning apps – Khan Academy app

Khan Academy for iOS and Khan Academy for Android are free to download in the app stores.

4. Udemy app

Udemy is an educational platform which includes practical online courses on the topics starting with Web development to Yoga. It offers over 40,000 online courses. It doesn’t matter whether you are a student or not, Udemy app is for everyone who is willing to obtain new skills or refresh his knowledge. You can either watch the courses online or download them. There are free and premium courses, which are taught by the experts in each topic.

By the end of the course, the student can receive a certificate, which can be useful in his future education or career.

Mobile learning apps - Udemy app
Mobile learning apps – Udemy app

Mobile education is becoming affordable. Download Udemy for iOS or Udemy for Android.

5. Lumosity app

Lumosity is one of the most popular mobile learning apps. It is created for those who want to advance their cognitive skills and to challenge their brain. This app suggests a wide variety of cognitive games which stimulate the brain activity.

This mobile learning app is developed in cooperation with top scientists. Moreover, Lumosity works with research centers worldwide, taking part in investigations. As a result, all the daily games have scientifical background and really work!

Mobile learning apps - Lumosity app
Mobile learning apps – Lumosity app

Keep your brain fit! Download Lumosity for iOS or Lumosity for Android and start using it right now.

6. Coursera app

Coursera app provides you access to free online courses from the world’s best universities and colleges. Become one of the privileged students to listen to the lectures of top professors without the need to even leave your room.

You have an opportunity to watch Harvard or Cambridge courses online or download them to your device and listen to them anywhere anytime. Coursera app provides you with free courses in programming, science, big data, statistics, art and the list can go on. You can also earn certificates after finishing the course or specialization.

Mobile learning apps - Coursera app
Mobile learning apps – Coursera app

Listen to best universities courses in the Coursera iOS app or Coursera Android app.

7. Quora app

Everyone who considers oneself curious should definitely download the Quora app. If you have questions and try to find the right answers, then Quora app is your best assistant in it. Ask the question that queries you, get answers from experts of the topic or become the expert by yourself, helping people and answering their queries.

Mobile learning apps like Quora help you find answers you’ll probably never find googling. The main advantage of this service is, that you get answers from real people sharing their real experience.

Mobile learning apps - Quora app
Mobile learning apps – Quora app

Ask and answer in Quora app for iOS or use Quora for Android.

8. Goodreads app

Goodreads app is a place where you can find new and worthy books. This is a kind of a social network, where you can share and review your favorite books. It also helps you to find a worthy book to read or to choose a nice present for your book lover friend.

You can add any book that you like to your to-read list. Goodreads is a helpful assistant for discovering the world of books. It is designed for the avid readers. You can also share your reviews and recommend your favorite books to other readers.

Mobile learning apps - Goodreads app
Mobile learning apps – Goodreads app

Use Goodreads for iOS or download Goodreads for Android.

9. Peak app

Peak app is similar to Lumosity app. It is designed to improve your mental skills, to train your memory, attention, problem solving, mental agility, language, coordination, creativity and emotion control.  But the main difference between Peak app and Lumosity app is that Peak app provides you with a Coach. This Coach is the personal trainer for your brain.

This app will make your mind sharper and you smarter. It can adjust the difficulty level according to your performance. You always feel challenged, but not overwhelmed.

Mobile learning apps - Peak app
Mobile learning apps – Peak app

Train your brain with Peak app for iOS or download Peak app for Android devices.

10. NASA app

Keep in touch with the latest news and information about the space with one of the most fascinating mobile learning apps – the NASA app. With its help, you can watch online NASA TV and receive current mission information. You will have a great opportunity to view images, videos, news directly from NASA. It also provides you access to over 14,000 images and 10,000 videos. If you are interested in astrophysics, NASA app will open you the door to the scientist’s world.

Mobile learning apps - NASA app
Mobile learning apps – NASA app

Discover the secrets of space with NASA app for iOS. Android users can download NASA app from Google Play Market.

11. Dictionary.com app  

Do you learn a foreign language or maybe you just want to expand your vocabulary? Anyway, Dictionary.com app is just here for you. It contains definitions of the words, their synonyms, and antonyms. Every day you can discover new words and the examples of their usage. You will learn idioms and play word games.

Dictionary.com app has many other options that will excite you. You can learn mobile discovering new words, reading their definitions and translating from one language into another offline.

Mobile learning apps - Dictionary.com app
Mobile learning apps – Dictionary.com app

We recommend to download Dictionary.com app for iOS or Dictionary.com for Android devices.

As we see, learning is much better and more effective with m-learning apps. It gives you fast access to anything you are interested in or willing to learn. You can go and search for the word definition on Dictionary.com app while you are in a traffic or you can find the right answer on Quora app while having a break. And mobile learning apps save your time and efforts and speed up the progress of your mobile education.

Have an app idea to cause the educational revolution? 

Mobile learning apps are the new trend of corporate training. We already wrote about all the benefits mobile education can bring for corporations and businesses.

To learn mobile or not to learn? This is not a question anymore!