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Most popular types of apps


The types of apps are immense but they have different designs, working mechanics, and therefore can be divided into different app categories.Mobile applications are compact software solutions designed to help with your preferred tasks on smartphones and tablets.

Today we want to discuss the types of mobile apps judging by their popularity. Of course, there are several methods to divide applications into different categories or assign to a certain type. Also, we think that it would be better to let numbers and statistics speak for itself. For this purpose in the article, we’re going to refer to Statistica website and pick the most popular categories of apps in Apple Store.


Statistica of the types of apps

We decided to take a closer look at the top 7 types of mobile apps as they managed to break the 3% barrier. This shortlist clearly indicates how and what for people use their smartphone capabilities today. They tend to do business, communicate, educate themselves, and relax, of course.

Game type of apps


By far the most popular and practically unreachable category for other types of mobile apps. More than 24% of all mobile application, available in the Store, fall into this section. It shows that mobile gaming is thriving, thus prompting app developers to focus on creating new games or porting existing titles to mobile devices.

Why are games so popular amongst other types of apps? From gamer’s’ perspective: they offer the sense of achievement and highest levels of engagement in the process – according to statistics an average gaming session is almost 8 minutes long. And what about developers? Even simpler – games category is the most profitable one.

Examples of games apps are:

Business type of apps


When games are done, it is time do some business. In the modern hierarchy of mobile application types, business holds second place with the considerable 10% share. Some smartphones feature serious hardware allowing to perform many complex tasks on the run.

Billing, buying, booking, sending emails, tracking working progress – you name it. Business mobile applications tend to be pragmatic and 100% useful without any unnecessary features. They are designed to boost one’s productivity while saving time and minimizing expenses. Today everyone is using these little helpers – from ordinary managers to executive directors – as they want to be effective doing their jobs.

Examples of business apps are:

Education apps


When it comes to types of mobile apps it is a bit hard to define an educational program because «education» category encompasses a wide array of software. Simply talking: sometimes an app can be educational to some extent but still cannot fit in this category. However, it is nice to see that modern society cares about self-education which brings this category to the top 3 of our list.

Educational apps can be a powerful instrument not only for exercising and expanding knowledge in particular spheres. According to recent reviews many teachers use this type of apps for organizing teaching process, engaging children, and motivating them to learn. Moreover, it allows to constantly broaden students’ horizon as the learning can be taken out of the class adjusting to individual learning pace.

Examples of education apps are:

 Lifestyle apps


Probably the widest category on types of apps as it encompasses many general interests of people which define their regular way of living. Shopping trends and technical innovations go hand-to-hand here, thus you can definitely find some helpful tools for managing your life.

High demand (almost 9%) for this type of mobile applications proves that it is rather easy to get lost in between work duties, family business, friend meetings, or other arrangements without proper organizing. Types of apps for your lifestyle make it much easier and adapt to your specific needs and requirements.

Examples of lifestyle apps are:

Entertainment apps


Applications in this section in most cases are closely related to gaming but they offer another approach to agitating your mind. We’re talking about chatting, reading news, or watching videos online. All this stuff helps you to escape boredom. How often do you find yourself in a situation when you turn your smartphone off after getting bored only to log in a few minutes later for the exact same reason you left?

Talking about types of apps you have to distinguish actual games and entertainment applications. Sometimes it can be hard as entertainment apps often tend to «gamify» the process or activities. Yes, both of these have one common goal – to keep you engaged, logged in. Entertainment apps can do this in the much greater variety of ways as they are not limited by any scripts or prearranged scenarios.

Examples of entertainment apps are:

Utilities apps


When you think about utility tools in your smartphone, you are probably remembering things like flashlight or GPS in the first place. However, utility type of apps can boost smartphone’s capabilities much further. Their popularity and 6th place on our list can be explained by sheer amounts of practical individuals which want to use their gadgets to full potential. Most popular types of applications of this type are various scanners, trackers, first aid manuals, and etc.

Utility programs are also often used on a daily basis but unlike gaming apps, they have much shorter session times. It is logical because people use such applications for specific tasks without wasting more time than needed to get things done. The common goal for all utility apps developers is to ramp up the frequency of use.

Examples of games utilities are:

Travel apps


Last but not least. The types of apps that makes traveling easier in many ways. Some applications from this category can make your smartphone a universal diary to document all sights and places while others can literally guide you through the unknown territory abroad using maps or translation assist.

Examples of travel apps are:

Instead of conclusion


Of course, there are many other types of apps but most of them derive from larger categories mentioned above (e.g. sports, health and fitness rubrics can easily fit into the Lifestyle section). That is why we decided to leave them out this time. If you are a mobile developer remember one thing: no matter what is the type of your application as long as it makes people’s life easier.

Try to follow your ideas of making this world better with digital solutions. The more users you can involve, and the more grateful (and helpful!) feedback you can get. Adapt to people’s desires and they will lead you to the top. Just like that!




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