Social Media Strategy Hacks: Best Practices to Follow Right Now

How often do you check your Facebook profile? Posting photos on Instagram? Scanning Twitter? Well, I’d better not count my own social media accounts. What is more – I’d better not think about how much time I spend there. Each of us is totally addicted to his phone, as well as to liking/sharing/commenting. No wonder brands are trying to reach us there. And if they manage to develop a truly customer-oriented social media strategy… Yeah, they get our love. But what’s the secret of their success? Here are few interesting social media strategy hacks especially for you!

There are 1 million new active mobile social users added every day. That’s 12 each second. SocialMediaToday

Before talking about how to craft YOUR social media marketing strategy, we want to analyze the successful case. The one, which drives customer engagement and shows, how easily any brand can extend its online presence. That is #PepsiMoji – an advertising campaign, launched by Pepsi Co on July 17th in 2015, on World Emoji Day, and which is running till present.

Win-win social media strategy or how Pepsi has conquered the world

They started with the touching video about a young man proposing his sweetheart. And that was just the first step of their social media strategy, aimed at driving customers’ attention to a new bottles design. A really effective step, indeed. For the first thing it does – appeals to the emotions. At the same time, Pepsi introduced a new hashtag and launched customized extension for mobile messengers with branded emojis:

social media strategy pro


Just after launch, they were actively sharing the news with that new hashtag to make it memorable and encourage the people to use it. For example, something like this:

Needless to say that both the hashtag and mobile app went viral. Within weeks, there were already thousands of posts containing emojis and #pepsimoji on all the available platforms. Daily, users shared their photos with Pepsi bottles and tiny smilies. Thus, they entered the stream on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, creating all that buzz around the packs with the new design.

Though, that seemed not enough for the company. They continued to support their brand advocates. And suggested some bonuses for that, as a part of the social media strategy. Just like here:

social media strategy win


Even now, Pepsi continues reminding of it from time to time. Getting yet more likes and shares instead:

Would you like to be that popular? Then let’s check the following tips and social media tools that will help kickstart your brand accounts.

Want to improve your social media presence?

You may say that Pepsi has much more resources to engage with their community. You can state you’ll never be able to replicate their success. And you will be wrong. Because going viral is even easier than it seems. The following tips on creating an effective social media strategy will help you too.

Tip #1: Define your goals

Think of what you want to get by the end of the campaign. The existing challenges will hint you where to go. Analyze them and the answer will be inside:

  • Is that just increasing brand awareness?
  • Or do you need to show up a new product?
  • Or are you looking to grow followers?
  • Or do you want to increase website traffic?
  • Or are you eager to boost sales?

Sure, you can experiment and combine several of them. Yet, it is better to focus on one – just to make the results more noticeable.

Tip #2: Choose the objectives

The next step is to dig into the details of the overall goal. For example, you can strive for increasing brand mentions or expanding CRM database or selling more items than before etc. No matter what it is, try to set measurable and attainable objectives. Like – 2 times sales increase within a year, +50 followers per month, +500 additional leads. Otherwise, that will be just daydreaming.

Tip #3: Understand your audience

Be careful here – you should have a clear vision of who you are targeting. Or all your social media strategy will turn into a blind shot. Something like telling young moms about how to cheaply buy Subaru Impreza.

Hint: The best way out is to create customer profiles, including name, age, workplace, marital status, income, hobbies, habits, character traits etc.

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Now that you know, what turns them on and what are their pain points, you can make more personalized offers.

Tip #4: Analyze the competitors’ activities

Remember, that learning from someone else’s mistakes is much better than from your own. By tracking the competitors’ social media accounts, you will see what works out and what does not. It will also hint you:

  • what social networks are more popular among your customers;
  • which tone and style do they prefer;
  • is it better to talk about products only;
  • what type of content produces the best engagement and so on.

SMM Hint: To start with, two or three of competitors to monitor will be enough.

Tip #5: Create key messages

After investigating the competition and having an image of your ideal customer, you can proceed to craft key messages. That’s an important part of any strategy, and social media one is not an exception. Try to develop the interesting and engaging messages, keeping in mind your followers’ personas. It allows making them resonate in customers’ hearts. As a result, that will bring you more likes and shares.

Hint: You can repeat some already existing ones (which have already proved their efficiency in the competitors’ accounts), but we recommend you to create the unique key messages. That will help you to stand out in the crowd.

Tip #6: Select the channels

This point is all about proper targeting. If you are going to business customers – move to LinkedIn. If you want to attract younger audiences – opt for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and so on.

Tip #7: Develop a social media marketing plan

Yeah, that’s almost like a content marketing plan. Though, a bit more difficult, as it should be even more eye-catching and concise. What is more, it has to be created separately for each network. Here’s why: each of the social media platforms has its own requirements and lifehacks. For example:

  • Twitter sets the word count limit – you have 140 characters only. Good news – it doesn’t include links and media into that amount. Additionally, the practice proves hashtags to perform the best in Twitter. Yet, you shouldn’t use too much – three of them are OK. By the way, you can grow the audience here extremely fast.
  • Recent Facebook newsfeed algorithms change sets you limits for accessing customers. It challenges you to produce the content your community will be eager to spread the word about. And that may not be good for your social media strategy. Despite of its restrictions, it still carries the palm. According to 2016 wearesocial research, there are 1,550 million active Facebook users.
  • Instagram is almost the easiest to use. Unfortunately, it’s not that effective for many brands, as implies posting fun content. Rather, too entertaining. Though, if you produce some dietary supplements or something like that – consider collaborating with some popular girls, who are fond of fitness. That product placement trick works out quite often.
  • As we have already mentioned, LinkedIn can be effectively used for B2B communication. Though, lately, it has gained a bit more weight by adding blogging forum. It allows promoting not only your own persona but to redirect people to your company profile or website as well.
  • Google+. Good for SEO. Difficult to handle. Still, if you intend to build some photography or tech community – it may be helpful.

Hint: Check the recommended image sizes for different social networks. Also, have a look at the most popular devices for accessing Facebook:

social media strategy win


Tip #8: Track the results and adjust your social media strategy

By the end of the campaign, you should clearly understand whether it was effective enough. That’s why we have been talking about setting measurable objectives. Have you reached your +100 followers daily? If not – try to analyze, why.

Tip #9: Enable two-way communication

Don’t just push your messages to the customers. Listen to what they say to you. Maybe, not always their comments, ratings or reviews sound nice. Yet, they provide you with an understanding of what they need, what is great and what needs to be improved. Never ignore some negative comments – that is your chance to become better. Learn how to work with any negative experience, related to your brand. Demonstrate that you do your best to solve the troubles. You cannot even imagine, how important is not only to hear but to listen.

To summarize or Gimme more likes

Social media marketing is a thing you cannot turn the blind eye to. While you do, the others will seize the opportunity and reach your potential customers. Just at the right place and at the right moment. We don’t want you to miss any of them, so let’s recap how to develop a winning social media strategy (just like Pepsi did):

  • Appeal to emotions;
  • Create likable and shareable content;
  • Adapt content to social platforms requirements;
  • Experiment with different content types;
  • Test various key messages;
  • Be there, where your customers are most active;
  • Encourage users to share;
  • Be regular with the updates;
  • Measure content efficiency;
  • Refine strategy on the go;
  • Reply to customers’ comments.

Want to stay up-to-date with social media tips?

As you could have noticed, we haven’t touched upon social media ads usage. We will cover them in our following article. Meanwhile, you can check our pieces of advice on how to get the most of the mobile app marketing. And don’t forget, that social media platforms are used for fun mostly. Entertain then!