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Top 10 Animations of 2016 in Mobile App Design

Top 10 Animations of 2016 in Mobile App Design

Animation as a word is synonymous with enthusiasm and energy in the English language, which reflects the main message of this design technique. Motion design is becoming a mainstream in UI app development. There are several reasons for this phenomenon. Animations may give the perfect action performance for the user interface with making the customer experience more interesting and more fascinating.

There are three responses to the design – YES, NO, and WOW! WOW is the one to aim for – Milton Glaser

The realism, dynamics and involvement are main conceptual features for the GIF animation design in 2016. We have collected for you the top 10 inspirational list of the most interesting animation samples in mobile apps.

Third dimension on a flat surface

Innovations in design techniques are moving in quantum leaps. 2D graphics will always remain on trend, but 3D visualizations are gaining the traction of mobile app design. Don’t impose restrictions on your creativity by a flat surface, move beyond the limits.

3D animation UI
3D animation by Saleh Mohammed

Colorific solutions

The little trick for designers is to combine the colours in a creative, but seamless way. The animation performed in one colour range may be brighter and more interesting for the user than multicolour one. Alternatively, the full-colour spectrum and a variability of different elements in the one mobile app may be optimized to the ingenious design solution. All depends on style, colour balance and matching the fonts, graphical elements and backgrounds.

motion design mobile
UI interface design by Alexander van Ravestyn

First sight is the most important

Take care about intro theme in the UI design, because it should bring the admiration from first 3 seconds of mobile app usage, otherwise you may lose your target audience forever and ever. Get inspired and make the real art revolution!

mobile app design
Animation by Sergey Valiukh

Details are in the limelight

You may use only the one small detail in the UI design technique, but it will reverse the concept totally by making it unique and outstanding. Try to experiment with colours, shapes and details. Maybe you will become a “style icon” in app UI design in future, won’t you?

mobile app design
Animation by Vasjen Katro

Background is not the least and not the last

Make sure that all the graphical elements join together harmonically with background without losing the appealingness of user interface. It’s better to start the mobile app design exactly from choosing the background.

If you change the ground colors or layers in the course of working process, the chances to change and redesign all the other elements for matching with background are pretty high.

mobile app design
Animation by Virgil Pana

Dynamic visualization of processes

Draw the strict attention to a dynamic of animated effects because it influences the user experience greatly. You may brighten the realistic effects by using true life dynamics of mobile app elements. This design trick may bring the essence to the user experience of using the real device or thing.

mobile app design
Dynamic animation by Jakub Antalik

Combine interactivity and user-friendly design

The combination of soft colours, sole-colored backgrounds, high-quality images and animation techniques become a powerful tool in mobile app design. To find a balance between elements loading optimization and their quality is a real challenge for design professionals. But there are many examples of prosperous solutions:

mobile app design
Design concept by George Frigo

Design is the contrast of the core of limitations, therefore there are no boundaries – Jenaiha Woods

Clarity & Constructivity

Make sure that your mobile app design is not overloaded by useless elements. The UI design may be really outstanding, creative and convincing, but all the graphical components should be associated with functional options of a mobile app.

One more feature of an excellent mobile app design is clarity and usability. Try to follow the rule “as simple as beautiful” in UI conception. The users shouldn’t be faced with difficulties in understanding how to use the interface.

mobile app design
Animation by Gal Shir

Animation & Usability

One of the best methods of giving the instructions to the user on how to engage with mobile app UI is to implement animations. Use short and capacious phrases of optional items in a submenu, choose the readable fonts. Pay attention to the simplicity of navigation and usability of UI in general. Analyze the mobile app interface convenience from the perspective of users.

mobile app design
Animation by Czech

Ingenious animation

Creating original and radical UI for a mobile app is a smart solution for a designer because it may bring awareness of the application and heighten customers’ interest in general. But make sure that an ingenious animation idea is able to give a good showing of app benefits. Analyze the UI concept from the beginning to the end in order to understand if the creative solution is valuable and essential in a long perspective.

mobile app design
Animation by Sergey Valiukh

The animation in mobile app design may combine different styles and techniques. It may be implemented by different graphics editors: Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw or even 3ds max. The conceptual importance of UI design process is not only to catch a motion realism or unique creativity but also make the mobile app design smart, modern, eye-catching and splendid in details.

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