Top-5 Hilarious Startup Video Pitches

Creativity is the key to everything and may unlock many doors to success. Many businesses and startups pour sweat and blood into pitching their product to the audience. And some of them go unconventional in presenting their idea and strike the nerve with the users, receiving huge cheers. Some of them are plain ridiculous :). We were amused the most with these five.

Dollar Shave Club

This startup convinces you not to buy extra-expensive shaving razors and to order theirs for $1. Why? Because you don’t need vibrating handle, a flashlight, a back scratch and 10 blades for shaving. Fun showcase of “ef-ing” great blades in a video with toddlers, party bear and machete.


Open-source digital currency with sets itself apart with their Shiba Inu dog as the friendly mascot. After fining himself interested in a world of bitcoin business, he searches online and flies on a rocket through the presentation key notes rocking to 8-bit music. Banzai!

The Startup Van

Two guys were tired of old ways of blogging and digital communication. They got the old van. It looks cool but they made it into not just a van: full studio, working space with two hosts and camera, on the mission of bringing new startups in a fun way. Follow their inspiring journey to see how fresh ideas are always countless.

Einhorn Condoms

A team of hilarious Germans with the idea of creating the best condoms ever. 500 flavors, 100% waterproof, all sizes and even custom-tailored and eco-friendly packaging and other factors are pretty convincing. Why these guys are experts in condom industry? Because they read about it, of course. But seriously the video is turning to be very educational.


“This is San-Fransisco and we have an idea”, – who needs more information to invest in such a startup. Lol. But it’s surely looks like that a lot for people from outside the industry. Privileges go unused every day so why waste any of it, right, huh?). Premium market place for privilege. Truly well-deserved, you’re welcome!