Top Web Design Concepts That Won’t Leave You Unmoved

Web designing has always been a creative job. Though, there are numerous design ideas to choose from, via this article we want to bring you through the best of the web design concepts, trends, and sources. So get ready to be blown away!

Professional website design concepts, created by the top-notch architects, can easily put a user in the visual treat and inspire to try some astonishing and fresh ideas. Each of the websites, listed down below, feature unique web design with various interaction and navigation tools, visual and sound effects, amazing views and ideas.

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The Most Amazing Web Design Concepts To See Right Now

No doubt, creating an efficient and exciting experience is a vital part of the success of any good website design. And this collection is about sharing the best web design concepts found on the World Wide Web today.

Brave enough not to use web design templates, teams that have created these masterpieces contrive to meet users’ needs and abut against the inconceivable designs. Stepping out of the box they create something truly special, but to experience these concepts on your own, you have to visit the websites yourself.

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by Fornasetti

Don’t expect to see websites with ordinary styles in this list. Exceptionally experimental, full of cinematic video experiences, amazing visual and sound effects they will bring you through the extraordinary design experience.

Website Design Ideas with Amazing Visual Treats

Boligreisen – your most impressive hunting journey for the dream house starts here. A website with simply amazing web design concept that visually proves that the hunt for the perfect house starts in our minds. Great navigation and cool interaction options have put the best of the creativity. To start the journey, just begin scrolling your mouse and get taken through all steps of finding a dream home.

boligreisen, top web design concepts

Not a fashionista? Lacoste’s 360 interactive lookbook may change that. The well-known global brand had launched a 360-degree website that allows users to explore a snow globe where time has stood still and models are floating in the brand outerwear collection.

The Chinese-made web design concept will win your heart, while their creative advertising will make you want to watch it again and again. A 360-degree video is simply amazing and definitely worth your time.

lacoste, top web design concepts

Web Design Concepts That Let You Virtually Explore The World

Austria is known for its beauty, crystal clear lakes, picturesque mountains, and incredibly artistic cities. The MyAustria website is for travelers and tourists who is ready to get a first-person online view experience. This informational website for tourists will take you to European beauty virtually.

Each time choosing where you want to go next, you’ll find a lady taking you to different places. Made with ultimate care and detailing, these visuals are the treat to your eyes. To make a long story short, check it out on your own.

MyAustria, top web design concepts

For those of you who still have a passion exploring the World around but no opportunity to travel. Norilsk Film is about the city through the eyes of its inhabitants – documentary plots and real-life characters.

This amazing website is a web-documentary in progress. It unveils best 3D videos and panoramas of the northernmost city in the world. Norilsk is known for developing design and communication systems. Throughout a unique shooting perspective and innovative way of displaying the work, they try to make the product useful while brand image live and attractive.

norilskfilm, top web design concepts

This LoveHolidays website offers you to jump in a British holiday history and enjoy the memories. The scrolling experience that goes along with unique old photos and facts about traveling will help you see how holidays has changed through a century. Quite simple but still exciting web design concept will not leave you unmoved.

Love Holidays, web design concepts
Love Holidays

The amazing site Si le Soleil by Aude Degrassat unveils a picturesque sailing trip experience from France to the Canary Islands. This vivid sea voyage story had been created thanks to two main passions of Aude – sailing and Art Direction. Enjoy the beautifully illustrated story and get inspired!


Cool Website Design with Great Illustrations

Danish Water Technology has become an indicator of Denmark’s ambition to find and develop better, cheaper and more efficient ways to handle water technologies. The Future Water City website presents brand-new water technologies via interactive design elements. So go ahead and feel free to look around and get inspired by some of the Danish state-of-the-art technologies for water solutions.

Future Water City, top web design concepts
Future Water City

Creative Cruise was crafted for celebrating Amsterdam’s creative vibe from a canal viewpoint. “Initiated by creative minds, it brings together like-minded industry pros from agencies based on and around the canals.” Enjoy detailed vivid illustrations and smooth moves. Click and drag to move the colorful boat.

, top web design concepts
Creative Cruise

The Best Website Design Sites: Games and Stories

For those of you who want to return to your childhood days, and IGN has made something very special. Mario Museum by IGN – is an incredibly responsive website that features all the stuff to visually please folks feeling nostalgic for the game of 80-s. Nevertheless, Super Mario took its start three decades ago, it has been transforming into the new forms all this time, and still remain popular.

From the arcade and 8-bit eras to the modern 3-D video game, this website has gathered all the generation of the Mario world in one place. Follow Mario’s hints, enjoy the best of interactive experience and find the hidden interactions through this simple but creative website.

Museum of Mario, top web design concepts
Museum of Mario

Le Dernier Gaulois – is the right page for those who like nicely illustrated stories. To check out the great web design concept with cool usability, follow the link – scroll – and enjoy a legendary Gallic history via 6 incredible episodes.

Le Dernier Gaulois, top web design concepts
Le Dernier Gaulois

You may have heard of Fornasetti as of a design brand, that’s famous for its unique style. This playful website has a homepage where it has a live game with the secret levels. Follow the link to learn what really interactive website means: uniquely designed with a creative approach, this is a perfect way to take a little pause for inspiration during the working day.

Fornasetti, top web design concepts

Still looking for the inspiration? The web design concept of Make me Pulse website is exactly what will bring you pleasure along with amazing beauty and sufficient motivation.

“Click & hold” then “Move your mouse” is all you have to do to enjoy loads of interaction features and visual effects. If you are a graphic or web designer you simply will not be able to leave this place without inspiration.

Make Me Pulse, top web design concepts
Make Me Pulse

When it’s time to switch off from your daily troubles and shake some inspirations, Void by Hi-ReS! agency is there to treat your eyes. Follow the instructions, and this playground for various visual experiments will bring you to another world. Just “Hold the space to continue” super visual pleasing sights and unexpectable effects, and this relaxing area will make your day.

Void, top web design concepts

But wait… – there’s more! The Hi-Res has recently launched the Void Chapter 2 : PANDORA, which is no less worse visiting. “Journey deeper into the VOID and explore a new dimension of sounds & visuals. Not alone, but with all of humanity. Gathering within the portals and being united by ears, eyes and soul. Don’t ask Why. Just Be. And Float Away.”

Pandora, top web design concepts
Void, Pandora

Great Website Designs about Arts and Music

Rediscover music with Technics by SHIFTBRAIN Inc. The web production company is located in Tokyo, Japan and is continuously pursuing new styles of communication. Scroll your mouse and find yourself in a music industry museum that unveils Technics like the first CD player of 1982 to incredible solutions of our days. Great visual and navigation options will take you on a visual treat.

Technics, top web design concepts

One of the most amazing web design concepts has the Greenaway Pro. The project “started as a tribute to a local surfer – lifeguard – artist Tom Greenaway and as a testament to the man himself, has continued evolving beyond a boutique festival into a something far bigger that has been adopted by all the communities involved, with and ethos of generosity, good spirit, and celebration.” Enjoy beautiful pictures, great style and informative content.

The Greenaway Pro, top web design concepts
The Greenaway Pro

Looking for an animation graphic design studio or a great web design concept? Well, you’ll hit the right place with Panic. They say “Panic is an animation studio rocking the world from Riga, Latvia. Motion graphics, animated storytelling and graphic design is our way of making stories come alive.”

Panic is a multi-purpose website which deals in creative designing, showing their skills in motion graphics, 3D animation, and graphic design. Check out the Works of this animation studio to get a better idea of what a good graphic and web design means – you’ll get a good portion of inspiration for sure.

Panic, top web design concepts

Web Design Concepts with Impressive Full Page Designs

Fullscreen websites are those that fill the entire browser window, no matter what the screen resolution is. Despite the fact that web users might only see a finished site at several thousand pixels at a time as the page is scrolled down, here you can find some stunning examples of web design concepts with full page layouts.

This time we leave you with the coolest full page websites for your inspiration. The web designers did take amazing care to create gorgeous layouts. And down below we’ve selected the most impressive site designs with layouts that have nothing in common with simple web design templates. Enjoy:

Viventy shows up beautiful jewelry pieces for that very special time of the year, may that be Christmas or your special day. The full page web design concept, along with the perfect pictures and soft animation makes this website give you a memorable experience of online shopping.

Viventy, top web design concepts

Have you ever seen a creative CV website? Well, a PocoPeople is a truly one. Kelly Eijdenberg is a graphic designer who has a rich experience in creative industries and passion for the arts. Check out the cool web design concept of her resume and the professional info by clicking the arrows.

poco people, top web design concepts
Poco People

Creative People is a full page website of a creative agency based in Mosсow, Russia. Click on the icons and check out the gorgeous web design concept these guys created to show their works.

Creative People, top web design concepts
Creative People

The picturesque website of a Roux at Parliament Square restaurant will make your virtual journey tasty. This pleasing full page website features great web design concept. Check out the look of every dish they offer, explore the Restaurant, Bar and learn more about the Team or reserve a table for the dinner.

Roux At Parliament Square, top web design concepts
Roux At Parliament Square

Eppopee Me – is all about the stories written and filmed with people living in Montreal’s downtown “exclusion zone”. Enjoy the design and the video content.

Epopee Me, top web design concepts
Epopee Me

The Tre Erre Ceramiche will take you to the virtual tour of the real shop of ceramics in Palermo, Italy. Initialy it has been founded by a Raffa couple in Palermo in 1979; Today it is a point of reference, for lovers of majolica art and the quality of rare pieces.

Tre Erre Ceramiche, top web design concepts
Tre Erre Ceramiche

This Shell is a puzzle about a 3-piece punk rock band from Denver, called The Gamits. Drag and drop the pieces of the video to their correct location before time runs out. When the correct piece is in the correct cell it will lock into place. If you can complete the puzzle in time you will be rewarded with a free download of the song.

If not, you’ll get a message I did the first time: “YOU TOTALLY BLEW IT! If this was a test, you would’ve got an F+. Your retribution?” Anyway, you are offered another try. The website is set to be an HTML5 experiment, which is created by the web design agency Legwork.

Shell, top web design concepts


Web design is truly unique and differs from designer to designer and from person to person. However, design isn’t just visual – it is the personality beneath the appearance.

The good website design is the entire experience from the moment users enter the website to well after they leave.

Whether the concept is in the graphics, the scrolling, or just the animation, all of the great website designs listed up above do have impressive and inspiring web design concepts.

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