Reasons to choose Ukrainian developers to build mobile app

Sooner or later when creating any newest product or service the question appears, how do you build an app. You can address the nearest mobile development company or hire local programmers to build a phone app, but you should be ready to pay for the development about $20,000.

Mobile development in Ukraine is more affordable
The work of American developers will cost you $60–$150 per hour, British programmer are paid £60–£80, developers from Western Europe — €60–€70. However, you can take advantage of global IT-outsourcing: the work of skilled developers from Eastern Europe will cost all of $25–$50.

The best choice is to hire mobile development professionals from Ukraine, because they perfectly combine high quality work, European business practices and even very attractive for their region average price tag: $22 per hour.

Ukrainian developers are highly demanded
Ukraine has been a world leader in the software export since 2007. Ukrainian freelancers are extraordinary demand, and are the top 3 highest paid in the world. According to research of local market outsourcing programming (top $ dev, 2014) Ukrainian developers retain leadership in Eastern Europe. The largest volume of orders in the region (33%) do exactly Ukrainian developers, forcing IT-specialists from Russia, Poland, Belarus and and other Eastern European countries.

Despite the political and economic instability, the staff members in Ukrainian IT-companies increased by 15.8% in 2014. According to the BrainBasket fund, segment of software development in export in Ukraine not only reduced, but still continues to increase by 15-20% in dollar terms. In 2016, according to the prediction of the American Chamber of Commerce, software export in Ukraine will grow by 100% compared to 2013 year — from $ 2 to $ 4 billion.

IT-professionals from Ukraine are successful
Ukrainian developers are becoming more and more visible in the global industry. Ukrainian IT-companies, such as SoftServe, Miratech, Eleks and Softengi were included into the list of The Global Outsourcing 100 in 2015. Also Ukrainian offices of foreign companies such as Softjourn, TEAM International Services, Luxoft, Intectics, Artezio were included into the rank. Huge technology companies Samsung, Siemens, Gameloft, Abbyy create their centers in Ukraine of research and IT development.

In recent years, a lot of innovative products have been developed in Ukraine, such as technical gadgets, popular applications and so on. Ukrainian startup Viewdle, which had developed the Face Detection technology, has become part of Google. More than four million people all over the world use the service, created by Ukrainian developers, to correct errors in the text Grammarly. Unique device PetCube is a hit on KickStarter, and Eleks releases application which allows you to drive Tesla using Apple Watch. Meanwhile, our Ukrainian company ThinkMobiles, is creating more than 70 mobile applications across multiple platforms for the US, France, Great Britain, Hungary.

Ukrainian developers are reliable
There are 250 thousand representatives of high-tech specialties who work In Ukraine and are fluent in English and other European languages. Ukraine is among the top five in the world in the number of graduates with certificates of world -known vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco, Adobe.

Nowadays Ukrainian developers are mostly oriented on international projects. Working with us, you can expect a responsible approach for mobile app development, high quality, professional skills, good reviews and very democratic price tag.