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8 Useful UX Design Tips For Game App, Infographics

8 Useful UX Design Tips For Game App, Infographics

Have you ever had the situation when you were trying to find the useful information to implement in your current UX design project? You may read few books and dozens of articles but not find necessary qualities and rules. Here is the case when infographics with “must know” principles is the most helpful thing ever. The most essential UX design tips for game development are collected in one post and in one infographic.

This infographics comes as an extension to previously posted UX/UI designing tips to follow in 2016.

The Author of UX design tips

We are happy to introduce you a wonderful infographic by Maria Antony.  Maria Antony is a digital marketer at Gamentio company. She is specialized in SEO, content marketing & conversion rate optimization.

Maria is a computer engineer by education, she is passionate about gaming and also she loves to write and read about innovative game technologies. Thank you for your work, Maria! Thinkmobiles team wishes you creative inspiration and professional growth as a talented designer.

Why to learn and to discover?

Have you ever thought how the Candy Crush Saga or Angry Birds reached their success almost in no time? Intuitive design and competent use of spectacular colors  is a secret recipe for every successful game app.

No matter what game genre you’re working on, it is very important to satisfy your users needs and expectations. No matter what it would be, an action game like Zombario or a social casino game like Rummy online. A great UX design comes from creating user-friendly interface and goes with original design, smooth navigation and much more. 

A complete list of all the UX design options and issues in the game app development are listed here in this infographic. We hope that it will help you in a big journey of mobile game app creating and promoting. 

Enjoy 8 useful UX design tips

ux design tips for
by Maria Antony

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