6 UX mistakes That Show You Don’t Care About Your Users

The market of mobile applications grows rapidly and the competition inside is quite high. But there is still a chance to make your new app become successful. Remember that the key to the application success are its users and their opinion is the first thing, that must be important to you. Check out the list of the worst UX mistakes, that can kill you app immediately.

  1. Requiring to sign in straight away

No one wants to share personal information immediately. Show your potential users the benefits your app can bring – offer a free trial version or let them make some actions in the app without registration. Only after the user will have a chance to test your application and to see its real value will he be ready to share his email and other personal data. Don’t force, it will scare the user and make him close your app and look for some others that are more user friendly.

  1. Requiring too complicated password

When it already came to the sign-in page, don’t force your users to make up complicated unique passwords. It is another thing that can prevent people from using your app. Most applications don’t deal with extra confidential information that requires a high security level. Complicated passwords are easy to forget and still easy to break with a specific software. Don’t irritate your users and let them choose their own password and be responsible for the safety of their data.

  1. Being inconsistent

Your inconsistence can confuse your users. Avoid using different words for the same actions as well as the same words for different actions. Every button should have its unique name and perform a unique action to make user experience enjoyable.

there are no UX mistakes here for sure

  1. Overwhelming creativity

Every time a designer starts to work with new projects he tries to make things as creative and innovative as possible. This is actually not the best idea for a mobile application. Since it is created for use on devices with small displays it should be minimalistic and should not contain small elements, that are not necessary. Users like simple and clear applications that can be used instinctively and don’t require any specific knowledge or skills. The ideal app has to be easy in use without any tutorials.

  1. No feedback

It is always nice to see that the app accepts and understands your query: colour change when the user taps some button, or light vibration while typing a message. Let your user know that he is heard by the app!

And finally the worst mistake ever…

  1. Confusing UX und UI

Although this two acronyms are usually used together, they imply totally different concepts. UX stands for User Experience and is all about how user feels when using your app. UI or User Interface is responsive for how it all should look on the screen. If you have a cool UI design of your app it doesn’t automatically mean users will feel comfortable while using it. Hire a UX designer to make an app user friendly.

To build a successful application you have to concentrate on your users needs first of all. Avoiding  these most common mistakes in UX design will make your customers enjoy the app and share their positive experience with others. 

When UX is really intuitive

When the UX is really intuitive