Virtual Reality Companies

The world perceives Virtual Reality like some sci-fi concept. However, it is already present in the real world and many companies work in this field. So, top-rated VR companies should be short in order to choose the best one. We categorize VR companies by their main specialty:

  • VR platforms companies. These companies focus on the development and distribution of software, engines, tools, and SDKs useful for creating Virtual Reality projects.
  • VR end-product companies focus on creation and distribution of original products connected to VR. They include everything: advanced software, books or equipment.
  • Custom VR development companies. Companies work directly with clients and bring to life their ideas. They may have their own projects, but, mostly, they concentrate on outsourcing.
  • Virtual Reality apps development companies. Their man subjects are designing and building their own different VR apps and games.
  • Industry-specific VR solution companies. They work in a style close to the custom development, but they focus on one or two market niches: real-estate, sports events, education etc.

Virtual Reality platforms

Hyperverse is focusing on the development of out-of-the-box VR platform solutions. It would provide developers with next-gen tools designed especially for creating amazing VR indoor experience.

  • Best movement tracking system.
  • Better optimization features that save a day.

Littlstar provides a self-development platform to a large number of companies. Various industries like world famous news channel CNN or even MMO game like World of Tanks have already powered with Littlstar’s technology.

RetinaD company provides a unique technology that enables to track and gather users in VR activity. It provides developers with data in order to rise up conversion and create better content with improved engagement.

End-product Virtual Reality companies

Oculus acquired by Facebook is focused on creating Head Up Gear for Virtual and Mixed reality. Their headsets allow users to experience VR through a mobile, PC and even web source.

Virtuix is a company of designers and creators of a unique VR-gear called Virtuix Omniverse. Its goal is to provide users with reach-action harmless experience in a small space area. It is already supported with more than 15 VR games.

Neurable works on brain-computer UI for next-gen interactive platforms. It allows to manipulate all connected devices and software around a user. But the most amazing thing is that users’ brain activity drives all the actions. No input or hand actions are required.

VR companies for custom development

Magnopus is the company completed with VR enthusiasts from various industry fields like movie’s visual effects artists or AAA game developers. That hits a quest to connect digital and real worlds and merge it into something new. They focus on producing original content and platforms to push VR farther.

ThinkMobiles is fully specialized in bringing your desirable AR and VR ideas into life. Now we work in close partnerships with many world famous Brands and companies in order to develop:

  • Custom VR solutions for various purposes.
  • VR apps and games.
  • VR platforms for e-commerce.

Virtual Mine provides the following custom solutions:

  • 360 content – simple, but yet popular VR image or video product.
  • Simulations – a virtual environment that may be interacted by users. The simplest example is virtual games.
  • VR marketing – consulting or leading in fields of VR marketing strategy.

VR apps creating companies

Survios, a small studio focuses on the development of active VR games. Its products take players into the next generation of game experience and allow human players to deeply connect with their virtual avatars.

  • Immersion – surrounded with digital environment players may live through the game world.
  • Presence – HD image and no visual bugs allow players to truly believe in the world around them.
  • Embodiment – natural animation of virtual avatar connects a player to it even closer.
  • Free movement – 360° mobility to explore a virtual world is one more important thing.

Merge works with toys and brings them into virtual reality fields. The company focuses on VR toys for children older than 10 years, because it strongly believes that toys form person’s identity. In this case, toys should be positive, colorful and fun.

AltspaceVR – a full VR social media platform. Its main idea to create a virtual place for people around the world may easily meet each other in live events, play interactive games together.

Industry-specific VR companies

Bricks & Goggles provides VR solution for the real-estate industry. One may easily transform Architect’s 3D models into VR experiences in order to give clients the best views of their desirable projects. VR visualization will significantly decrease clients’ and designers’ misunderstandings and save time for both sides.

  • Original navigation allows users to freely explore a created project.
  • Animated and interactable objects bring life to a project.
  • Any custom ideas and events are welcome to design and integrate.

Virtually Live brings exclusive sports events into virtual fields and allows any user to jump into action. Whatever sports event takes place in the real world, and wherever the user is – he can live through a desirable event with the use of virtual reality.

SpaceVR and its products allow a user to feel like real astronaut and experience space adventure from the first person. Space VR takes users to any layer of the Earth orbit to the deep space. Moreover, the app uses 4K sensors to capture real 360° VR content from the real space.


As you see Virtual Reality has already penetrated into every bit of our life. Moreover, its role would become larger as most of the trends show to us. Such world giants like Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Samsung invest billions into VR research and development. But small companies and even startups also have their influence on how VR progresses. Everyone can take his or her own role in VR evolution.