How to Install WordPress: 5 Easy Tricks for a DIY Site

Websites are a kind of magic, huh? And the people, who develop them seem to be the magicians, right? Good news then: you can become one of them. Our detailed tips on how to install WordPress will guide you on the way. No matter whether you are an experienced pro or just a beginner.

Why should I choose WordPress set up, you’ll ask? Because this very CMS platform is awesomely easy to install and use. All you need is to follow each of our tips to put a jigsaw together. At the end, you’ll get a full-featured website. Created on your own from scratch. So, are you ready to start?

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Trick #1: How to install WordPress on your own web server

Before starting WordPress installation, we advise you to check whether:

  • you have uninterrupted connectivity to your web server;
  • you’ve got a text editor on your computer;
  • you have one of the FTP clients installed;
  • your hosting provider supports PHP version 5.6 (or higher) and MySQL version 5.6 (or higher).

Before going on, let’s figure out some basic terms you’ll have to do with. Are you an advanced user? Then just skip them and proceed to the first step.

What is FTP?

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is aimed at exchanging data between client and server. It allows uploading files to the server and downloading them.

What is PHP?

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a scripting language, used in WordPress for integrating it with HTML.

What is MySQL?

MySQL (Structured Query Language) is a database, which stores all the information from your blog – user information, posts, images, comments etc.

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So How to Install WordPress?

  1. First, download WordPress package from the official website. You’d better always check for the latest version updates if you want to have the most stable one.
  2. After finishing the download, unpack the archive and save its contents to the folder on your computer.
  3. The next step is to specify a database (create a new or choose the ready one), select the username and assign a password to it. Database creation may seem a bit complicated for the beginners. It will be easier if you have cPanel installed. You will just have to open MySQL databases, name your database and apply changes.

Hint: Adding users to the database created has never been that easy with cPanel – it’s just several clicks away.

  1. Then change the wp-config-sample.php name into wp-config.php and add the database created.
  2. By doing that, you’ll prepare your web server for the extracted files upload.
  3. The destination point of your WordPress installation is to open site URL in your web browser. The installation process will launch after that.

Hint: The URL should be the pathway to the uploaded package. It should look like in the example:

Ready? Great! It wasn’t so hard to installed WordPress on your site, was it? If you consider a way too complicated – check our next tricks. Maybe, it will be easier for you to use one of the installation tools, described below.

Need some help with WordPress installation?

Trick #2: How to install WordPress with SimpleScripts

SimpleScripts (also called MOJO Marketplace) is another tool, which will help you to easily install WordPress. A number of the hosting companies include it into your hosting package by default. So, to get started with it, go to your admin panel and find “Website” section. If SimpleScripts are there – go ahead!

Spoiler: By the way, this approach is even simpler, as it requires only one click. Could you imagine that?

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Here are the steps for you to follow:

  1. Open cPanel;
  2. Enter your hosting credentials;
  3. Scroll to the “Website” section;
  4. Press “Install WordPress” (the MOJO Marketplace will open);
  5. Click on the “Install” button;
  6. The drop-down list with websites will open – choose your website domain name;
  7. Press “Check domain” (the tool will ensure everything is OK);
  8. Submit the WordPress installation by clicking on “Install Now”.

In a few minutes, the tool will finish the installation. To preview your username or password, you will have to hit the “View Credentials” button. It will appear on the screen after the installation.

Trick #3: How to install WordPress with the help of Softaculous

Don’t panic if you cannot find MOJO Marketplace on your admin panel. Some hosting providers choose Softaculous instead of SimpleScripts as a pre-built WordPress installation tool. It’s just another easy way to install WordPress.

How to install wordpress in 3 steps

To create a new site with Softaculous, you will need to complete 5 simple steps:

  1. Softaculous icon can also be found on your admin panel. Click on it and you will be redirected to the tool’s dashboard.
  2. The screen with the sidebar, containing different categories, will appear. Find the “blogs” and select WordPress out of the list suggested. Now you can run the installation process by pressing the “Install” button.
  3. On the next page, you will have to specify installation preferences, e.g., the domain name. If the installation should be done on the main domain – just leave the “In Directory” field blank.
  4. Fill out the field “Site Name” to name your database. Here you will also have to provide:
  • a short website description,
  • specify admin email, username;
  • set a password for it.

Softaculous automatically fills these fields, though you can change them to the custom ones. You may also choose your future website language and theme, but these fields are optional.

  1. Have you filled all the required fields? Nice! Click on the “Install” button and progress bar with the installation status will appear. Remember that you need to stay on this page until WordPress installation is successful.
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Trick #4: How to install WordPress with the help of Fantastico

Fantastico is another common tool for installing WordPress. As far as it also provided by some hosting companies, you can find it on your cPanel. Follow our instructions to complete WordPress installation using this tool:

  1. After you have found a Fantastico on your panel, click on its icon. The screen with the sidebar will appear on the left.
  2. Similar to the Softaculous, you should opt for the “Blogs” and “WordPress”.
  3. You will see the button “Click here to install WordPress”. Do as you are told! Sure, in this case only 😉
  4. Just the same as with the abovementioned tools, you’ll need to set up the installation. Choose where to install your site, provide admin credentials and website name. Submit the applied changes to run the installation.

NB! Don’t leave the page – otherwise, the installation may be interrupted.

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how to install wordpress quickly

Trick #5: How to install a WordPress plugin on your site

Hope, you have succeeded with WordPress set up, so we suggest you the icing on the cake. The last part of our guide will be devoted to WordPress plugins set up. There are two ways to go:

  • Install them via your admin panel or
  • Configure them manually.

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How to install WordPress plugins using admin panel?

This kind of installation is as easy, as ABC. Though, only if you know the plugin name. Sure? Then you are ready to complete the steps below:

  1. Find “Plugins” on the panel sidebar and select “Add New”.
  2. Fill in the field with the plugin name and submit the search by clicking “Enter”.
  3. Choose the necessary plugin and run the installation by striking “Install Now”.
  4. On installation, activate the plugin by hitting the same-named button.

Hint: We suggest you to stick to this method because we love it. Not really. In fact, it is much easier and faster. But mind, that some plugins are not included in the WordPress, so you will have to install them manually anyway.

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How to install WordPress plugins manually?

To start manual WordPress plugin installation, you should:

  1. Download the archived plugin first.
  2. Repeat the #1 step, specified in the automatic installation.
  3. Add the plugin to the database by pressing the “Upload Plugin” button.
  4. Choose the downloaded zip and press “Install Now”.
  5. The activation process is the same in #5 step of the installation via your admin panel.

Hint: This way of installing plugins is good if you need a premium plugin.

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Let’s resume

We hope that you have enjoyed your WordPress installation. So, we will be grateful if you provide us with a feedback on how you have coped with it. Want to get more technical information on WordPress set up? We will gladly deliver you an additional guide on FTP client usage to install your site.

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Now that you know how to install WordPress, check the article on how to speed it up. Remember: even if it seems fast enough – there’s no limit to perfection. Go for it!