Dedicated developers team

Hire a dedicated developers team

Hiring a dedicated software development team is a great way to develop software solutions while keeping control over the process and maintaining the organizational structure.

What is a dedicated team

Dedicated team – is one of development services, it implies that a team of outsourcing developers and other IT-experts (Project Managers, QA engineers, Designers) are hired to create a software solution within a set period of time. The client is able to supervise this team as if it was his own resource. You can build and manage all of the internal processes quickly and efficiently thanks to the modern technologies, such as communication software and tracking tools.

The dedicated development team can work full-time or part-time according to the signed terms of service. They can even work while you are asleep, so you will always wake up to fresh development update. During the working hours, the staff is always open up for communication.


The dedicated software development team will be the best solution for you if your company is facing this challenges:

  •    You lack in-house software developers – experienced specialists are hard to find
  •    IT specialist are expensive – depending on their skill salary of software engineers can be excessively high

Found your own dedicated development team with ThinkMobiles and hire experienced software engineers for a reasonable price and:

  •    Manage them just like you would manage your own employees
  •    Focus their attention only on your project
  •    Don’t pay any fees or administrative expense accept the fixed monthly cost

How to hire a dedicated team:

  •    Contact us – tell us about your dream project so we can offer suitable professionals
  •    Meet the Team – interview the developers to make sure that your project is in good hands
  •    Make a deal – we will take care of any necessary formalities so the hired team can begin to transform your idea into reality
  •    Start Developing – the team is your’s now, everything is ready to launch the development

What kind of specialist are available?

  •    Developers
  •    Graphic designers
  •    QA engineers
  •    Software architects
  •    Technical writers
  •    Copywriters
  •    UI & UX designers
  •    Database administrators

Benefits of building a dedicated development team with ThinkMobiles:

  •    Save money – you don’t need to waste resources on housing, hiring, administration, taxation, and other expenses that come with an in-house team
  •    Launch before competitors – save precious time by letting us handle all of the staff decisions
  •    Effortless – let us take care of all of the legal and technical requirements of hiring and supporting a development team
  •    No financial risks – you owe us nothing until you hire a dedicated development team, afterward – only fixed monthly cost
  •    High-skilled specialists – over the last few decades Ukraine proved to be one of the best countries for IT outsourcing. Bonus feature: you are hiring people that already know how to work together as a team
  •    IP rights protection – no worries about your sensitive data, all possible legal, software, and hardware measures will be taken by our team.
  •    Easy support – our project managers will help you to efficiently command and control the developers, also they will provide all kinds of status reports

Why go with Thinkmobiles:

  •   Big staff – We have over 200 developers, in case you ever need additional workers, we will be happy to provide them immediately
  •    Motivated and always improving – Our employees are in constant search of new ways to work better and more efficient, including the new technologies.
  •    Agile workflow – Our developers are following one the most popular workflows out there – Agile. This means that they are not tied to a plan and are willing to follow any change you need. be sure they work in the most effective way every day


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