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How do I withdraw money?

You can withdraw money with the help of PayPal, which account you have to attach to your profile. Money is accrued automatically, once a month

Withdraw via PayPal


What are the requirements for review writing?

The review should serve as an expression of your independent opinion and refer to the selected product company application and should count at least 500 symbols

Where will be transferred the money for my reviews?

We will transfer the money on your PayPal account which you need to link to your profile. The money will be transferred only after you link your Paypal account to the profile. If you would link your Paypal account after writing a review - the review will not be taken into account.

How much will I earn for the review?

You will receive money from the advertisement placed on the webpage where you write a review. The revenue from the advertisement will be shared between those who wrote reviews on this webpage. The more popular web page is - the higher income from advertisement - accordingly, the higher revenue for those who write reviews.

How regularly I will receive money for review writing?

The money will be transferred on your PayPal account monthly per each review that you wrote from your profile. The number of comments is unlimited, the money for them will be summed up and transferred to your account monthly.

Where can I check how much money did I earn for my reviews?

You can check the sum of money that you have earned only after the payout on your PayPal account.

Should I regularly write reviews?

Yes, in order to receive payments each month - you need to write new reviews or comments and like / dislike comments on product reviews at least once in 3 months. If the activity will not be fixed for three months - the payments will be cancelled.

How long will I be paid?

If you would regularly write reviews or leave comments - payments will be transferred for 2 years.

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