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Thinkmobiles.com is a platform for technology vendors, that helps with boosting your brand awareness, lead generation and building trust with customers.

What are the benefits of working with us

  • Get listed along with top-ranked companies on ThinkMobiles.
  • Get authentic & positive reviews as social evidence of your professionalism.
  • Build trust with customers.
  • Earn buyers’ attention and bring more targeted traffic and qualified leads.
  • Get actionable insights to the areas that need improvement.
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Why it's important to build your online reputation with us

  • Ask your clients and partners to leave a feedback on your service company/ software and create a social proof together with ThinkMobiles.
  • Authentic and positive feedback of your customers on a trusted neutral third party platform, which ThinkMobiles is, serves as a social proof.
  • Social proof is an important factor when choosing a service company or software. This will significantly increase the conversion of existing leads, as well as generate new ones.
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    Tell potential clients about your company:
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    • add posts to your corporate blog.
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  • Promote your company activities

    Add your software or services to get listed on ThinkMobiles.

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    Ask your clients to leave min 3 reviews about your software/services to activate Your Software/Service company profile.

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What is vendor company profile?

A vendor company profile is a profile in which users can read brief information about your company, learn about your team and read your corporate blog. Also, you can create multiple product profiles or a profile with your services on behalf of the Vendor company.

What is vendor account?

This is a profile that can only be created with corporate mail. The owner of this profile can create a Vendor Company Profile or join an existing team. The team member who creates the vendor company profile automatically becomes an administrator and can accept other users to the team and remove them from the team.

What is a corporate blog. Who can write posts for corporate blog?

This is a blog that users can see on your company profile. Your team members can write posts to the corporate blog. These posts will be displayed both on their profiles and on the company profile.

What is a non-activated profile?

When adding a profile of a software/service company, they are automatically inactive (hidden from public access). To activate a profile, you can choose one of the plans here, or invite your customers to leave min 3 reviews of your software/service company.

What is entrance plan?

If you want to activate a software or service company profile without user reviews, you can choose one of the Entrance plans. Learn more about plans here.

Is it necessary to choose a paid plan?

No, this is not a prerequisite. We offer you plans so you can activate your software/company profile right away. If you want to activate them for free, you can wait until ThinkMobiles users leave at least 3 reviews for your product/service company, or ask your customers to leave a review.

How a customer can leave a review?

To begin with, a user has to register on the ThinkMobiles website. After registration, he can click on the 'Write' button in the header and select 'Write a review'. Then, he can choose the software/service company he needs and leave a review.

How to invite users to write a review of my software/service company?

When editing your software/service company, in the Client reviews tab you can send an email asking a person to leave a review. You can also send multiple emails at once by uploading an Excel document with your customer details (Name and Email). This data is confidential and will not be used in any way.

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