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Entrance plans for Software / Service company profile activation

  • Don`t have software / service company profile? Learn more how to get listed on ThinkMobiles.
  • Already have software/service company profile? Note that It will become activated and published ONLY when you have a minimum of 3 quality customer reviews of your software/service company.
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Don't have any reviews from your customers? We can help. Our plans below are designed just for you.

  • Basic entrance paln

    Activation and publishing of your company's software/services in listing with other services and softwares in the appropriate categories.

    Show me an example
    50 one-time payment
  • Basic monthly paln

    Your software/company will be in the first positions of the ThinkMobiles listing, in the ranking of TOP software/companies.

    50 monthly payment

    Publish you Software / Service on a separate page. Plan includes:

    • Filling in all additional fields with information about your company’s software/services to make the profile more useful and informative for your potential customers.
    • Top-notch and high quality review from ThinkMobiles Professional Analyst and seasoned Copywriters. Show me an example
    • Activation and publishing of your company's software/services in listing with other services and softwares in the appropriate categories.
    200 one-time payment


Is the premium activation plan obligatory for profile activation?

No, it is optional but beneficial.

What is the difference between free activation and premium activation?

Free (Basic) activation: This activation requires only your company’s datas such as general information, description, portfolio, service lines, and a minimum of 3 feedbacks from previous customers. Company profile is fully managed by the vendor and looks basic. Here is a sample: https://thinkmobiles.com/services/57/

Premium activation: Company profile is fully managed by ThinkMobiles and a big quality review is carried out by in-house professional analysts and copywriters, providing a well-detailed profile which can make all the differences in terms of traffic and conversion. Here is an example: https://thinkmobiles.com/services/40355/

Does the premium activation fee include promotion?

No. The fee for premium activation only covers profile management and activation on our website.

How long will it take to get the premium review from ThinkMobiles?

Review will begin immediately after confirmation of payment and will take a minimum of 5 working days

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept payment via PayPal

How can I promote my company’s service/product after activation?

We offer sponsorship packages (please visit our sponsorship page for more information)

How long does the company profile stay on the ThinkMobiles platform after activation?

All activated company profiles are listed permanently in the relevant category on our platform.

Can I make periodic changes to my company profile even after a premium review?

Yes, you can make important changes by logging into your vendor account, but also, you should send an email to us to notify us of the change.

How many categories listings will my company profile be placed in?

Company profiles are listed in multiple categories based on the company’s service lines.

How can we submit previous customer feedback for a basic profile activation?

You can send previous customer’s feedback to info@thinkmobiles.com by creating an excel file document with review, in the below format.

  • Name of reviewer
  • Position (Job title)
  • Title summary or review (optional)
  • Text of the review
  • Quality rating number (1-5)
  • Cost (1-5)
  • Schedule (1-5)
  • Communication (1-5)
  • Overall rating

Company profile will be activated after uploading feedback to your company’s profile.

Will the ThinkMobiles team contact our clients?

No, we do not contact your clients. We only upload the feedbacks to your company profile, which will become visible only.

Can I submit clients feedback from other platforms?

Yes. But we require customers' feedback to be unique text and a minimum of 40 words.

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