If you choose the Javascript as a base for your software solution, it means that you choose simplicity, expanded functionality, high speed response and wide range of visual performance options. ThinkMobiles has a highly skilled and experienced Javascript development team. We use the best and the most forceful platforms and libraries in order to provide you an excellent solution.




Ruby development team is experienced in full cycle back-end development. It’s not a problem to build the REST API for mobile apps or to develop a database of any complexity also. We use proven development methodologies like Agile and Scrum. Besides this, the rule that works is that a simple solution could be found for every complex task.


Sinatra is an easy to use platform, so it saves the time spent on development.

Ruby on Rails is a platform for those who choose reliability.


If you have an idea to implement an untypical and complex project for the web or mobile platforms, you need to look for PHP developers anyway. Here is the situation when comes ThinkMobiles! We are ready to solve all the issues, find all the answers for your questions and provide you the optimized and secure software solution. PHP development team from ThinkMobiles has successfully implemented many PHP projects: from PHP web development to database optimization.



Easy to use, optimized and secure database is a heart of mobile application or a website. Mainly the running speed depends on the level of database optimization for any software solution. The next thing that matters more than thousand words is a database security. For the database reliability, we will implement highly protected access control, encryption and data integrity or anything you would like to.


Not sure what technology to use for your project?

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