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Full-stack web developers are at the top of tech trends today. Giants like Facebook and Samsung are hiring them for most constitutive projects. Why so? Times when a developer (i.e. programmer, software engineer) had to know one or two programming languages are done. Web developers now have to use and deal with numerous tools, frameworks, services as well as to be dynamic and always on the hunt for new approaches. So an entity called full stack developer was born.

A full stack web developer is a programmer operating with both front-end and back-end technologies. For web applications/web sites there are different layers: a business logic, a way of presenting it, database, infrastructure. A real full stack developer should be able to cope with all.

What does a full stack developer do

In web development, there are those who build interfaces and those who build software engines behind it. Full stack developers can basically do it all. They can code and even design to some extent, as well as oversee all project details.

Full stack developers are responsible for:

  • Writing programs and applications
  • Coordinating developer teams
  • Identifying and troubleshooting issues
  • Conducting testing for web apps
  • Managing the entire process of web development

Full stack developers are ought to know JavaScript, HTML, PHP, CSS, Angular, MySQL, Ruby, MongoDB, Node, Apache, etc. These are technologies for how a website works, looks and functions.

Moreover, skills for full stack development have evolved and extended. JavaScript, CSS, HTML and various JS frameworks for front-end. For back-end – Node.js and Express,js, for databases – MongoDB, MySQL, etc.

Area Technologies/frameworks
Back-end API development/design, .NET, PHP, Python, Ruby, Node.js, Express.js, Apache, Nginx, etc.
Front-end HTML, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX, Angular.js, Backbone.js, jQuery, React, Bootstrap, SASS, SML, Websocket, etc.
Database SQL, Redis, JSON, XML, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Cassandra, etc.
System/Infrastructure Linux, Amazon services (AWS), load balancing, caching, server security, tests, Sphinx, UX, mobile technologies.

Top-5 full stack developer skills

  • Server environment

Scripting, network resources arrangement and troubleshooting.

  • Front-end

Responsive web design, coding, cooperation with other designers.

  • Database layer

Database structure, queries, relational and nonrelational databases, syntaxes like JSON and XML.

  • User experience

User retention, interfaces, workflow, user experience.

  • Business logic

Customer needs, business goals and strategy, appropriate tools and methods.

Pros to hire full stack developers

  • A high-level expert capable of operating in every stack layer
  • A clear vision and direction from someone who can solve issues and manage developer teams
  • Cost efficiency (employing one person instead of 2 or 3)

Cost factors

To hire full stack developers, especially when outsourcing web development projects, one will have the following factors in mind to estimate the wage:

  • Skills / Experience
  • Project size
  • Project requirements
  • Recruitment specifics

What makes a good full stack web developers is eagerness towards newer technologies and expanding the possibilities of web app development. Programmer specialization matters too, of course. Startups that apply a full stack approach, usually assign projects to such single web expert to handle everything.

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