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With our dedicated development team of 100 skilled IT experts and iOS developers averaging 5 years experience, you can conquer new territories and move your business forward with a stunning iPhone app.

Apple OS is the second most popular mobile operating system today. Having an iOS app is the marker of business prosperity and the basis for future sales channels and trends to come, like VR/AR, wearable devices, etc. Hiring iOS app developers is a proven effective way to build your mobile app.

Why hire iOS developers

Outsourcing iOS app development to software engineers and designers at ThinkMobiles is a smart move to build an app and reduce costs.

The dedicated software development team will be the best solution for you if your company is facing these challenges:

  •    6 Years on the market
  •    Over 200 projects done
  •    Permanent on time delivery
  •    Competitive developer rates
  •    Full cycle development services
  •    Excellent customer support

Our iOS services include:

  •    Custom iPhone/iPad apps
  •    Native iOS mobile apps
  •    iOS app redesign, audit, update and maintenance
  •    iOS app testing
  •    iOS app porting to Android app, and vice versa
  •    iPhone widgets
  •    Apple Watch apps


We work around the clock and in constant communication with our customers to bring on time and quality apps. We use the best and proven tools and methodologies to save time, cost and resources.

iOS developers are competent in the following aspects:

Push notifications, in-app purchases, third-party integrations, iOS animations and design, payment integration, maps and geolocation tools, touch authentication, data caching and synchronization, social media integrations, media and image processing, chats/messaging, storyboarding, data encryption and security.

Our iOS app development process

While working on projects, the core principles are regular communication, iterative process, planning and full transparency. Detail-focused, analytical, open-minded and result-driven developers are handcrafting mobile apps and solutions for you.

  •    Requirements and analysis – we receive initial app idea and requirements from you, follow up with a call/email/meeting, analyze a project and all the peculiarities to offer the best ways to achieve your business goals.
  •    Quote, planning, deadlines – project analysis of further iOS app development to agree upon terms of work, strategy, expected results, methodology etc. While you hire iOS developers we always set deadlines for each task/stage as well as for the whole project.
  •    Cost, payments, and contract – we prepare a cost estimation for the project, including team, resources, payment terms, NDA. Once all the details are agreed upon, we seal the deal by signing a contract with you and assigning a team of dedicated iOS developers.
  •    Development – as soon as the contract is signed, our developers start building your app. The process strictly follows a sprint plan, iterations deadlines, and overall business logic. We stay in contact with our customers throughout the project and till the finish line to ensure the best results only.

We can also help launch your iOS app to the App Store.

We can also provide further support and maintenance for your app.

We can convert your iPhone app to Android app as well – starting from $3,000!
Find out more about App porting process.

iOS Technology Stack

Our team of iOS programmers for hire utilizes relevant and up-to-date technologies of iPhone app development only.


  •    Objective C, Java
  •    Swift programming
  •    JSON, XML
  •    APNS integration


  •    RestKit
  •    Core Data
  •    Core Location
  •    Core Motion
  •    Core Animation


  •    Xcode
  •    Alcatraz
  •    App
  •    Fabric App
  •    Mixpanel

Types of apps

We provide full-cycle development services for any kind of iPhone applications for any Apple device, from smartphones and tablets to wearables. Our dedicated developers have skills and experience to make iOS apps of any category.

  •    Social networking apps
  •    Lifestyle apps
  •    Enterprise apps
  •    Messaging apps
  •    Gaming apps
  •    M-commerce apps
  •    Productivity apps
  •    Healthcare / Fitness apps
  •    Custom iPhone apps


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