Does working from home or your local coffee shop sound like the ideal set-up for you?
Thinkmobiles blog is seeking experienced applicants for a full-time remote copy writer/editor independent contractor position.
If your writing and working styles meet our needs, we can provide a consistent stream of interesting assignments.
If you’re seeking a long-term freelance partnership, we’d love to hear from you.

Article Length and Turn Around Times:
We have content plan and aim for you to complete the entire task within the allocated time period:
800 words – within 1 week
1500 words – withing 2 weeks

You’ll need to have good time management skill and be organized, motivated, and a “self-starter”.
We are very fast in communication and providing of feedbacks, same we expect from you.
If you expect to take a vacation or be unavailable for a few days, that’s no problem at all. Please just give us a heads up so we can assign orders to another writer while you’re busy.


Content plan and What You Might Write About:
Our content plan is close to 2 000 articles and our editorial team will work with you to implement it
Write and edit an array of content types from blog posts to sales copy to longform content, spanning over 800+ industries.

Examples of blog posts:
1. Best <specific software> / <specific services>

Top-20 app development software platforms

25 Best Google Cardboard Apps for iOS and Android in 2018

2. <one software> vs <another software>

Avast vs. AVG Comparison Review & Test – The Best Free Antivirus for 2018

Avast vs AVG | The Ultimate Comparison (2018 Update)

3. Review about <software> / <service>

How Do Free Apps Make Money on Android and iOS in 2018

4. Other articles

5. Your ideas accepted by us

These are just examples, but remember you’ll need to be able to write about anything at any time.
Usually, we let our writers to make a commitment for predefined list of articles for next 1-2 months and choose preferable list, however it is not always possible.

How Much Does We Pay?
We work to provide a competitive pay rate for the work, but keep in mind this is a business based on freelance labor.
After you provide us with more information, if we feel like this is a good fit for all of us, one of our managers will contact you and give more details regarding our freelance payment fees.

We pay per article (result), not hourly. It doesn’t matter how much time it will take from you within reasonable terms, we predefined fixed price each time.

Usually, our writers don’t earn less than 40$ per article. High level article with research cost 100$ and more.
We are ready to pay much more for exceptional high quality content.

Performance Bonuses: Contractors are eligible for performance bonuses depending on engagement KPIs like visitors, social shares, bounces etc

Opportunities for Growth
Thinkmobiles trafic grew 200%+ over the past year and happy to get new members (contractors) who meet or exceed position performance metrics
We hope to provide high quality and engaging content for our readers and help you reach greater heights in your career or personal development as an expert author/writer.

This position is fully remote! Work from anywhere as long as you have a great internet connection and a comfortable workspace

Where you can make an impact
Add value to NerdWallet’s 2M+ annual visitors read and better understand it services, products, reviews, comparison, share opinion and make smart decisions.
Hypothesize, measure and report on traffic and key metrics to inform execution.
Follow growing/hype trends and contribute topic ideas that integrate with business and marketing strategies.
Collaborate with other writers and your editors to constantly up-level your writing, content optimization and other skills.
Share consumer insights and timely/relevant ideas to support social, email, media strategy and syndication channels.

Your experience
2+ years experience writing technical documentation analysis or copy writing in the IT field
Experience at a fast-growing startup a plus
Proficient usage of WordPress
Excellent written English and a friendly manner in writing.
Excellent research skills

How to apply
We usually get a lot of applications, and a lot of them are not very inspiring.
We’re looking for people with good problem-solving skills, good communication skills, and the willingness to go the extra mile, so here’s what you need to do.
1. Create a links for your best blog content.
2. Create an email for (Subject: IT Copywriter)
3. Attach your CV/resume in PDF format
4. Send to us 1) cost 2) timeline estimations of next 3 articles:

Top-20 app development software platforms

Avast vs. AVG Comparison Review & Test – The Best Free Antivirus for 2018

How Do Free Apps Make Money on Android and iOS in 2018

Estimations have to include

a) Software screenshots done by you b) Software/services research done by you

5. Send

We regret that due to a high amount of interest in this position, we can only contact the shortlisted applications.
If you are selected or not, you can expect an email from us within 3 business days.